Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 30, 2010

Let’s get some recapping in here

Missed me?

To say that I’ve been “busy” would not be entirely accurate. While it is true that I have gotten a good few things done (mostly schoolwork but also got me a drivers license) I have also done a great deal of lazying around the house, a pastime I really enjoy. Anyway, here we go~! Read More…

Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 15, 2010

Scenery doodle (artwork)

So, uh, more artwork from yours truly, digital this time.

Take me to the bigger version!

It was a while since I did something digitally with my tablet So long that I almost forgot that it doesn’t work exactly as it should anymore (sometimes it downright refuses to draw the way you want and moves the cursor in a wave-like pattern)…Ah well, this came out pretty good. After doing lots of analog stuff doodles and it feels good to work with color again (:

Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 16, 2010

Analog stuff (artwork)

A couple of months back, I told myself to stop doing so much digital art and try to go analog once in a while. I did lots of sketches and so etc first but rather quickly felt that I just didn’t do very well without ctrl-z and layers :p
Anyway, I haven’t really produced anything worth mentioning during this time but I’ve got some colored pieces I thought I could share.

So, nothing special really but they look kinda charming in a retro kind of way…

Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 20, 2010

This be some Bridget (artwork)

I got my hands on GG XX Reloaded last week or so. I’m not very good at fighting games but I felt a strong urge to own at least one Guilty Gear-game, and that game needed to have Bridget.

As usual, click the thumbnail and you will be taken to a larger version of it over @ DA.

Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 11, 2010

Comic Party – Kimi no Mama de

More things finding their way to my mailbox~

Click me!

I’ve always liked 君のままで (Kimi no Mama de) and I’ve had it as an mp3 for quite a while. I have actually bought this CD before but it never arrived D: This time it did, and much faster than any of the stuff I ordered before it (save for the Burn-Up OST).

Anyway, click the cover and you can download it. Speaking of torrents, I did remove the Festa Mode torrent I made a year or so back (Windows or some other program had garbled the mp3-tag information and I the torrent didn’t link to a zip file but the folder, and I just didn’t feel like fixing it). But…uh…if you want it I might bring it back.

(And if you wonder why I made a torrent out of it…well…I just did. Normally, I just try to torrent the more “rare” stuff I get my hands on as I find it unnecessary to upload stuff that’s already on the intarwebs, but since I couldn’t find this particular CD – not just the song as a single mp3, mind you – I decided to upload it).

Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 4, 2010

BURN-UP OVA OST + Drama Special Album

Hey peoples, I trust you had a good New Years Eve?
(That is to say, I trust you had a good one, I’m not interested in the actual proceedings :p )

Click me!

A little something arrived in the mail today and I took the liberty to create a torrent of it once I had tagged it and scanned the booklet.
I kinda bought it on a whim because it was a quite a while since I last saw this particular OVA so I couldn’t remember if it had good music or not. Thankfully it’s pretty good…I mean…not epic or really really good but it’s not bad and pretty nice in all it’s late 80s/early 90s glory~

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