Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 16, 2011


tl:dr new blog is up!
Whelp, you knew this was coming, aside from the occasional update you could almost see the tumble weeds rolling past. It would seem like I’m no longer the moe-happy guy I was 2007, therefore the name of this blog has started to feel embarrassingly distant. I could just change it, but I felt I wanted a fresh start. I intend to let this blog remain here for archiving purposes but know that you most probably won’t see much action around here.

Still, it has been quite fun being a part of the animeblogging community, most of the peeps I was inspired by still seem to be going strong, or are at least occasionally updating. That said, I’m not exactly “leaving” the community either. I love anime and manga, I can’t shut up about it and I still intent to follow my favorite bloggers, just, you know, not here.

See you around!


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