Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 30, 2010

Let’s get some recapping in here

Missed me?

To say that I’ve been “busy” would not be entirely accurate. While it is true that I have gotten a good few things done (mostly schoolwork but also got me a drivers license) I have also done a great deal of lazying around the house, a pastime I really enjoy. Anyway, here we go~!

Anime & Manga

Sometime during the winter anime season I ran out of space on my desktop and external hard drives. I don’t think I finished any of the shows I was watching and this also led to me not even getting started on the current anime season. I do like a good marathon though, so, when I’ve managed to free some space I guess I will download some finished shows and get cracking. (Sometime when my economic situation allows for it, I might start buying dvds, seeing how I always seem to run out of space…)

I did however watch three older shows; Project A-ko (not finished with “the versus” ones-not sure I want to either), Magical Stage Fancy Lala and Sentimental Journey (just got one or two eps left).
All three delightfully oldschool. I found Fancy Lala to be refreshing and very entertaining. The last magical girl show I can remember watching was probably Shugo Chara (didn’t finish that one) and these two are worlds apart. What I liked most about Fancy Lala was probably the pacing and that it (almost) never got slowed down by too much drama etc but kept on going. A good show if you fancy something easily watched.

Also related is that I once again went to a convention named UppCon this year as well (with friends). Just for a day (and we still had to pay for 3, ugh). I got me some loot (they had doujins!) but more noteworthy was the fact that they finally had an artist alley this year. Yes, I have been waiting this addition! I get jealous when people on blogs and DA writes that they have been to a con with an artists alley (heh). I also met Liliothe there, who had a table. It was fun finally meeting her. So, yeah, artist alley is a cool thing and I hope to see more of it in the future. Hopefully other cons will follow suit…


Quite a bit has happened here. Aside from Just Cause 2 finally gotten released (I have been looking forward to this game before I even got me an XB360) I have also moved all my consoles to a better place in my room. Until a maybe week or so it looked like this:

All consoles, except for the 360, were stacked on this movable TV platform thing and the player sits at the end of my bed. The games was stored in the same bookshelf as my books and manga so the manga collection had to move over everytime I got a new game. Hardly ideal (but kind of cozy, I admit). I guess you could call it a real “gaming corner”.

Now it looks like this:

It’s clearly not the most beautiful setup in existence but it is quite practical. Worth noting is also that I brought out my Sega Megadrive II from the closet and I got myself an imported model 1 Sega Saturn. I have no games for it yet (one is on the way though) but I hope I will have lots and lots of fun with it.

Aaand…well, that kinda sums things up.


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