Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 20, 2010

This be some Bridget (artwork)

I got my hands on GG XX Reloaded last week or so. I’m not very good at fighting games but I felt a strong urge to own at least one Guilty Gear-game, and that game needed to have Bridget.

As usual, click the thumbnail and you will be taken to a larger version of it over @ DA.



  1. Nice choice, both in game and character 🙂

    Bridget is a lot of fun to play with. Some combos are just wicked.

    I need to play more GGXXAC but after I got that I kinda went meh for the series. BlazBlue renewed my interest so I´ll be damned if I won´t try playing it again soon.

    And this time with a stick.

    To the artwork. Nice 🙂 Feels just right for Bridet.

    • I found the whole game to be wicked, seeing lotsa fun stuff all the time. Being able to hit opponents in the back with the 2nd yo-yo is also quite fun and interesting, it sort of brings out a layer of strategy to the whole thing.

      • Yup. I wasn´t able to learn her yoyo attacks any good. I didn´t like that it was so much combo based combat.

        I´ve grown out of that dislike now but still. You have to love those combos.

        The one character I did kinda of play with and learned combos with was Chipp, fast combos that ended with uppercuts or special moves are just fun 🙂

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