Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 11, 2010

Comic Party – Kimi no Mama de

More things finding their way to my mailbox~

Click me!

I’ve always liked 君のままで (Kimi no Mama de) and I’ve had it as an mp3 for quite a while. I have actually bought this CD before but it never arrived D: This time it did, and much faster than any of the stuff I ordered before it (save for the Burn-Up OST).

Anyway, click the cover and you can download it. Speaking of torrents, I did remove the Festa Mode torrent I made a year or so back (Windows or some other program had garbled the mp3-tag information and I the torrent didn’t link to a zip file but the folder, and I just didn’t feel like fixing it). But…uh…if you want it I might bring it back.

(And if you wonder why I made a torrent out of it…well…I just did. Normally, I just try to torrent the more “rare” stuff I get my hands on as I find it unnecessary to upload stuff that’s already on the intarwebs, but since I couldn’t find this particular CD – not just the song as a single mp3, mind you – I decided to upload it).


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