Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 13, 2009

It’s once again time to get excited

I don’t know about you but every time a new season of delicious anime starts I find myself easily excited. It doesn’t matter if people say “this coming season just looks so boring blah blah hippos” I would still look forward to it. Maybe because that it, hopefully, means new animated adventures filled with that extraordinary pleasure this hobby gives me or that the shows from the last season either just ended or finally lost that the new, exciting feeling they had when they first showed up some 13 episodes back and now there’s hope on the horizon for something else to distract me from all the things I really should be doing, but I digress.

Usually, this is where I list new shows I have watched along with a few lines of impressions and some screencaps but not this time. I wish to keep it short and simple, just rambling on a bit about some of the new shows from this fall that I’ve watched and by doing so bringing some fresh air into this dusty, spiderweb-filled virtual corner so that it at least appears that someone actually is looking after it…*cough*
(That is to say, it’s still only my impressions. For plot synopsis and actual useful information you will have to look somewhere else)

Alright, that kind of writing maybe doesn’t really suit me…>.>’
I’ve sorted them in categories because it amused me.


Nyankoi – With two episodes out, this is the show that has done the best job of giving me a positive workout for my face muscles. The same goes for the OP which I found very catchy.
The only negative thing I have to say is that the “main” girl and love interest doesn’t interest me at all. But that’s usually how it is for me so it’s nothing new… D:
Points of interest: Cat ears, it’s awwwwwwright.

Miracle Train – I just couldn’t pass up this track-bound man buffet, could i? The fact that I gladly saw two episodes of this slightly worries me but let’s run with it. It really just feels like this average show that you still find yourself watching every week because it always ends on a good note, leaving you with that slightly fuzzy feeling. On the negative side (or positive, depending on how you look at it) I only like a select few of our uniformed princes. I use the term “like” quite causal here, mind you.
Points of interest: Man candy. That, and I wish I could be like Shinjuku OTL;;

Don’t know if want

Seitokai no Ichizon – While quite funny the first five minutes it doesn’t really seem to cut it. Usually, this kind of comedy/parody-show in a school setting would be right up my alley (somehow, after writing about Miracle Train and man candy, that expression feels strangely wrong) but it never really managed to get me hooked. Shows like Lucky*Star or Hidamari Sketch took more than one episode to reel me in as well but they had something this doesn’t have; characters that catches my attention. The only person that I actually like in this show is Ken, the only male in the cast, who happens to have the noble dream of getting to the harem ending with all his love candidates the student council members.
Also, the graphical quality of Seitokai no Ichizon is decent at it’s best and even though most studios seems to go all out in the first episode, errors like this are present.
Points of interest: Petanko petanko petanko petanko petanko SHOUNIN petanko

Sacred Blacksmith – While adventure shows like this usually interest me a bit, the fact that Campbell – the main heroine – feels the need to introduce herself with her full title every time made cringe and perform the occasional facepalm. The fact that I still haven’t watched the second episode, with it even lying on my hard drive fully downloaded, probably gives a better description of my feelings than I can put into words at the moment. I feel like I should give it second chance but I’m not exactly dying to see it, Nyankoi, on the other hand, I watched as soon as it was out.
Points of interest: Redheads in armor intrigues me.

The Danger Zone

Kämpfer – When asked, I would probably be the first one to admit that this was the first show that I genuinely looked forward to, mainly because of the gender-bender premise in which a guy becomes a girl. Sadly, my anticipation was mercilessly crushed minutes into the first episode. The reason was the main character. It seems to have become a well established tradition that male leads in harem shows are wussies with spines made of wet paper. That is something I can accept, although most unwillingly. However, I don’t want to see the same wet blanket in my action shows. More specifically, since I have a thing for strong willed hawt women, I had secretly hoped this show to be about a manly man who becomes a macho lady kicking backsides while pulling me deeper into the gender bender trap (pun probably intended).
Others seems to like it but I can’t since it didn’t at all become what I was so innerly hoping for D:
Points of interest: The main premise is still interesting. Not the whole Kämpfer thing though, mind you, who even cares about that? (:

Kimi ni Todoke & Sasameki Koto – I grouped them together because I can’t really make up my mind about them. Kimi ni Todoke had very nice audiovisual presentation but it never hooked me beyond that. There is a strong possibility that it’s simply too shoujo for me.
Sasameki Koto is a show about YURI LOVE, a theme very close to my heart, but didn’t find the character designs to be that attractive and it just felt kinda slow and awkward and I really couldn’t appreciate it.
Points of interest: Speaking of YURI LOVE, A Certain Scientific Railgun does interest me but since there is a big chance that I will end up watching that with some mates during the occasional anime get together, I’m putting it on hold since I’m tired of always having seen most of the shows we’re picking up ^^’

In other news I’ve got myself an Xbox 360 now.

That is all.


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