Posted by: Ji-L87 | August 30, 2009



So, I just watched Baccano!…what a bunch of nutjobs :p

The first episodes confused me to no end and well, the amount of people I never would want to meet in a dark alley (or on a train, for that matter) was surprisingly high. There was also a fair number of characters which I came to like very much. It was an….interesting show to say the least, also very violent. Adding this to the bits n’ pieces-way of story telling and I’m not sure what to make out of it. It’s like…I enjoyed it? But, not all the time. This was mostly due to some parts being stretched out or some people simply just talking to much nonsense before doing anything at all

Bottom line, not a bad show, sometimes quite good. The awesome OP made my day but sometimes the eccentric people gets a bit too eccentric…perhaps? :p
(I couldn’t get any vaguer, could I?)

The full OP, Gun’s & Roses by Pardise Lunch



  1. Were you able to follow every storyline with ease?

    And what did you think of the end?

    OP is great, but the show itself is ?_? What just happend?

    • Yeah, the constant jumping around between years and happenings made me lose track of what happened in what order. The only thing that became quite clear was what happened on the Flying Pussyfoot.

      I don’t remember the end very well actually, especially since there was “two ends”. One in ep 13 and then another one in 16 or something…. (Ayu’s relase stopped there in the torrent I got and BSS took over). I did appreciate the fact that there was more Nice screentime to be found in the later episodes (:

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