Posted by: Ji-L87 | August 4, 2009

Hhrhmm…Guilty as charged…

So, I read these posts, right, and now I think you should too. They served as a good eye opener and I will try to cut down on the usage of such artworks in future posts.

Let’s look at two sentences, shall we?

I have been using images in my blog post without permission from the original artist.

I have been using images without permission from the original artist

Now, I think that using images without permission is wrong. Why then, didn’t I feel the same thing when I used images found on danbooru/etc as headers for my blog posts? It’s strange, especially considering that I’d like to think of myself as an artist as well and would probably raise a few eyebrows and clench a fist or two if someone used my art for their own needs, without my permission.

But it didn’t feel that way when I was writing the posts and maybe that’s because I have, and indeed many many more before me, done that for such a long time without anyone telling us that’s wrong. Now, when I created this blog, I wrote at the bottom of the about-page that if you knew the name of an artist who’s picture I’ve used you could tell me so I would be able to give credit where credit’s due but it seems I forgot about that as well.
I don’t want to point any fingers towards danbooru/similar sites though, because I actually really like them. They’re efficient and easy to use, and they help me find all sorts of wonderful artwork. I don’t care how many times you say that “Pixiv has tags too” or something like that, last time I went to Pixiv I couldn’t even look at the images without signing up for an account, and I will only sign up for an account there when I feel more confident in my art. (Of course, the thought of forcing real nihonjin to read my poor excuse for moonspeak is a turn-off as well).

Anyhow, I believe this is a problem caused by our mindsets about “what goes” on the intarwebs. Not actually knowing the artist in any way at all might also help strengthen this feeling of freedom regarding the usage of the artwork. For example, I would not use artwork done by friends or by people in my DA-watchlist in the same manner. Apparently, in my head there is an idea that there’s difference between artwork that I personally know the origin of and artwork that “I just happened to find on the internet”. It’s probably not only in my head things work like that and changing that way of thinking will probably take a while.

Reading those two posts made me realize what I was doing and when thinking about it from an artists point of view it does make perfect, normal sense. However, another part of me thinks that it’s a good thing the internet is a digital wild west and I agree on that as well. So regarding this, I guess it’s something that you’ll have to think about for yourself and then act accordingly.

I know I will (:



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  2. I tend to use official art only. A lot of times I want to make use of a fanart but since I don´t know the author I tend not to do it.

    I made some posts early on where I used such images. But that was from yet another site that I got those images from a long long time ago and they didn´t name who the artist was either.

    Otherwise I´ve said in my About page that is anyone finds something on my site that they do not want there and they are the author/artist of it then they should contact me and I´ll remove it.

    I´ve also written in the footer that Images are Copyright to their respective owners.

    So I´m almost there :p full source mentioning is something I have a hard time to do. But then again I don´t use fanart so. I´m kinda good.

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