Posted by: Ji-L87 | May 10, 2009

PS2 Get~!


After thinking a bit more about getting a newer gaming console, I finally settled on a PS2.
The biggest reason was that it brings much fun to the table for a lower price and some of the available games seems interesting (I might also find something interesting among the many PSX titles). It costed me more than I wanted, with two foiled attempts to buy it used (one of them costed me money, ouch) but now I own one.
…Still, I only own one game though, Burnout Revenge and while it fits me and my tastes like a glove, I can’t help to think that I should have gotten Burnout 3 instead (older but better, at least if my memory serves me correctly).
On the other hand, now I can borrow console games from friends again. The last time I could do that was when people around me still played on the Mega Drive. DS don’t count D:

The main drawback is that the money I will spend on otaku-related merchandise most probably will go to game-related purchases from this point onward…at least for a while.

…but then I remembered that I only bought manga and cheap, obscure CD:s anyway….

(ICO was an interesting but short game. Yorda is ❤ )




  1. I hope you got a NTSC version so you can import your games?

    Makes life so much easier. And it saves you money as well.

    But now you have some catching up to do. Ar Tonelico 1 & 2, basically the whole SMT franchise, Mana Khemia and more 🙂

    But a great choice nontheless.

  2. Sadly it’s the swedish PAL one D: but I have plans to chip it in the future, I just need to collect a good enough selection of the games released here that has poked my interest for quite a while…

  3. you could have gotten a chipped one over at for a small change of money. Not probably as little as you gave but still.

    So many things to get for the PS2 🙂

    • …Do you call 1995:- a small amount of money? : D

      I gave 750:- for a used console, controller, cords & stuff + 1 game. And yes, there’s a lot to get. Sites such as Tradera will leave my wallet in ruins if I don’t watch out :p

  4. Then they have made the price higher as it was cheaper when I got mine.

    I think I gave like 1500 or something.

    I don´t call that small change no. My misstake.

    That is kinda cheap yes. Try to find original games also instead of only used ones. Feels better to buy original games 🙂

    • I have no problem with used games, they’re easier on my wallet 😀
      Original (or “new”) games still tend to cost around 299:–399:- and over. You can get used games for 99:- in stores, and under that (nearly half) on sites such as Blocket or Tradera. As long as I get the game’s box and manual as well I’m fine.

  5. okidoki. All comes down to what you yourself can live with. I have like two used games. One is FFVII and the other is Guilty Gear XX.

    Otherwise, all bought as originals 🙂 My kind of thing.

    Get P3: Fes and P4 as fast as you can. Then you don´t have to worry about finding new games for a month or so :p

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