Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 16, 2009

Late spring 09 impressions


Like the title says, late is todays keyword, I’m afraid D:
I’m not going to go into much detail about the plot or so and just write down thoughts. Since this is late, I’ve watched the 2nd episode of almost all shows I want to mention here, so I’ve got a bit more grip this time if I want to keep following something or not (and at the same time I don’t have to do a follow-up post, oh ho ho)
Also, screencaps didn’t want to line up properly :/ Weird



The show on everyones lips, it would seem. The number of posts and comments dedicated to a particular character of this show, Mio, (she plays the bass) has already reacher quite a large number (and counting). Of course, it being a KyoAni show doesn’t make it less popular, which is a bit of a double-edged sword since some people expected more from it. The overall plot is that Yui, a really clumsy but sweet girl, has problem deciding what club she wants to join now that she finally entered high school. She ends up in the K-On club (for “karui ongaku” or light music) since they are in dire need of members. She can’t play a guitar though but still gets the role of lead guitarist, and now she must learn to play the guitar.
I’m kinda happy because we’ve seen KyoAni do great dance and musical performance scenes, even though in those shows, music never was a main theme. This time it is, and they’ve done it quite well. The pace is a bit slow, some people say it reminds them of the original ToHeart (which I like) and they might be right. It’s not the fast-paced, action and comedy-filled music show some people expected it to be but I still like it. It has a certain slice-of-life comedy feel to it and it sort of reminds me of Lucky Star. Both are 4koma adaptions and both got their pace slowed down a bit.
At any rate, I like this show, I will camp TokyoTosho for the 3rd episode later today and I will probably join the Mio-rebellion. …though a Ritsu is fine too. (No love for the drum girl? Drums are niiice *plays them*)

snapshot20090416223523 snapshot20090416200255 snapshot20090416223435

OP: “Cagayake! Girls”, a cute, slightly amateur-ish sounding but still catchy song performed by the voice actors of the main characters. It’s fitting and grows on you. The animation does a good job of introducing the characters as well as showing they actually playing them (in a believable way).
ED: “Don’t say ”lazy”” is much more srsbsns than the OP, more “pro”-sounding but still very fitting. It’s made like a music video (complete with weird, yet attractive fashion sense) and while not totally my kind of music, good. It’s things like this I want from this show.
Verdict: Firmly placed on list. Ohyes.



Basket, played with robots, that got cars instead of heads. YES.
I was kind of looking forward to Basquash! since it looked kinda funky (in a good way) and I’m interested to see how the story will play out. It’s basically about a young lad named Dan JD, who is famous for running around town in order to destroy TV-sets that shows bigfoot basket matches. A bigfoot is what those…robot…car-things are called and Dan JD is rather unsupportive of their existence after an incident involving him and his basket playing sister. So he hates the sport, claiming that it’s not real basket they’re playing, until his childhood friend shows up and gives him a chance to revolutionize the sport riding a bigfoot of his own.
One of the reasons I was looking forward to this show was for the visuals. While somewhat on the “next generation brown” side that’s so usual for games these days, it sports sweet backgrounds and sometimes really nice 3D CG.
Characters looks…fairly standard when it comes to drawing style but the design fits well.
After having watched two episodes, I can’t wait to see what happens next. That’s always a good sign~

snapshot20090416204723 snapshot20090416205028 snapshot20090416205124

OP: “nO limiT” is…nothing special but not bad either. I thought a show like this would sport a more “groovy” OP but this feels like a pretty generic action anime OP.
ED: “Free” gets pretty nice after a little while and is more in line with what I expected of the OP. Animation-wise we’re presented with a 3D rendition of buildings/parts of a town with character silhouettes trying to beat a basketball to the music. Quite nice.
Verdict: Yes, I will watch. Moar visual sweetness pl0x!

Hatsukoi Gentei


I have only seen one episode as of now so I don’t know much about plot, except it will feature LOVE. Yes, it’s one of those shows…
One of the first things that stroke me with this show is that I immediately saw characters I found cute or “hawt” and that I really like the drawing style. It’s also quite funny, at least now. I have no idea if it will go all serious business later but I hope it stays this way. TEH FUNNIES > OMG TEH DRAMA, in my eyes at least.
I never watched or read Ichigo 100% much, but I guess the visuals are trying to look a bit like that, but I can’t really comment further because I D:
But really, this show really is cute girls abound, zomfgh YES!

snapshot20090413225752 snapshot20090413231552 snapshot20090413231614

OP: “Future Stream” feels both catchy and fitting and the OP also introduces the girls in a nice way.
ED: “Hatsukoi limited” is a very nice, rock-ish and yet very ED-sounding song. I like it very much in fact, and the ED itself is just a blatant cosplay slideshow. …Yes….I’m enjoying this. Too much.
Verdict: It did a very good first impression, definitively on my list.

Senjou no Valkyria


Based on the game with the same name (or Valkyria Chronicles here in the west). I’ve been looking forward to this for the simple reason that I’m very interested in the game but do not own a PS3. Simple as that. I’ve seen it being played by friends but not for so long that I actually got any lasting grip on the story or the characters featured. At any rate, the anime seems to uphold the game’s visual gimmick quite well: A sort of filter that makes it look like it was painted with water colors. Sometimes, it does look a bit weird but it works-a-OK most of the time.
The plot revolves around the neutral nation of Gallia, in a fictional Europe. While they might be neutral, they sit on a large pile of resources that the East Europan Imperial Alliance would like to get their evil hands on.
Visually it looks alright, nothing too outstanding or too bad. I’m afraid there will be slight cases of QUALITY animation here and there though… The 3D CG does already look a bit funky…
I also think I heard parts of the game’s soundtrack in there, which is a good thing because it’s very good.

snapshot20090416213323 snapshot20090416213005 snapshot20090416213245

OP: I’m not a big fan of the opening, “Ashita he no Kizuna” but I do like the sequence in itself since it does a good job of showing of the characters and putting the game’s canvas effect to good use.
ED: “Ano Kaze ni Notte” is cute but also a bit catchy. The ED itself is both cute, full of chibis and strange pigs.
Verdict: I probably never will get to play the game until the PS3 becomes so old that I can buy a used one for cheap, and until then, this will have to suffice :p



…This show confuses me. I mean, like, really confused. The whole world seems to have turned into giant forests. Not always the kind of nice and healthy forests parents wants their kids to experience, but forests none the less. Modern cities still seems to remain but where the story takes place, there seems to be at least 3 individual groups that seeks the controlling power, not counting the sort of resistance in which the main character is a member. It’s all just very confusing, and the characters doesn’t make it better. Except for the boomerang-wielding pink haired main lead, Kuniko Houjou, there be plenty of lolis and transvestites. One of them is pretty awesome actually but still, it’s…just weird. I’m just worried that GONZO will make it even more confusing. Animation wise it has been…up and down, decent mostly.

snapshot20090416215739 snapshot20090416215854 snapshot20090416215917

OP: The first OP of this season I saw and I really like it. The song, “Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare”, feels fitting and the OP itself matches very well (it also has some nice zoom-effects).
ED: “Hajimari no Asa ni Hikari Are” is…I can’t really make up my mind actually. I thought it would be a much slower song, based on the way it starts but it picks up the pace. It’s not really what I would call great but it’s not bad either.
Verdict: I’ve seen two episodes and just gotten more confused. I doubt a 3rd episode will give me a greater understanding of what’s going on but I’m going to give it another chance still.

Tayutama~Kiss on My Deity~


Eroge adaption. Although unexpectedly cute. Otherwise nothing out of the ordinary really, both in terms of story, characters and visuals. It should be noted however, that the male lead is not all that wimpy and Norio Wakamoto is in for the ride as well (as his father). The story is about Yuuri Mito who is a descendant of a shrine, and when a wooden relic was found at his school grounds when they were trying to expand the campus. When trying to transfer the spirits from the relic he learns that the relic contains a race known as Tayutai. Due to an accident, the relic breaks and the Tayutai is released, some of them not very kind. Also released is small, fox-eared girl with a giant hammer.
Shrines, and goddesses aren’t really my thing (unless their name is Urd or Skuld) but fox-eared girls with hammers are. I’m very weak against animal ears and tails (still, Kanokon didn’t manage to win me over, strange) and it has proven to be quite amusing so far.

snapshot20090416222229 snapshot20090416222537 snapshot20090416222456

OP: “The fine every day” is quite nice, not the best I’ve heard but very decent. The same goes for the OP sequence.
ED: Really liking the ED song,”Kizuna no Uta”. It’s cute and very catchy. Animation wise it’s not that special.
Verdict: More enjoyable than I thought it would be, I need my weekly dose of ear-tweak it would seem. =w=

And now…I’m tired D:



  1. Tayutama is a must see. Cute animal eared girl = instant win.

    KyoAni = instant win. A bit boring so far, I want more music and less talking.

    Basketplaying robots = instant fail. Watching real people play is way better.

    Shangri-la = MEN! = instant win 🙂

    Valkyria Chronicles = instant win except for the art flaws and bust enlargement.

    Hatsukoi = Ichigo 100% With some progress? Need more time to decide

    There, short stuff about them all I think :p

  2. omg no mention at all for tsumugi? BARNACLES IMO.

    anyway valkyria chronicles suffers from characterization and story issues (having played the game). there’s quite a bit of disrespect for the original material in relation to gunther and alicia’s characters. (and selvaria’s bust was pretty much this big in the game as well =x)

    may i suggest you take a look at Eden of the East as well? (Higashi no Eden). it’s a near-future anime that touches on terrorism, not forgetting that the storyline is borderline believable. it’s my top to watch right now, next to FMA:Brotherhood and K-ON!

    • Tsumugi never was my type of character ;P However, recent yuri-related events has brought her up a notch in my book 🙂

      And yes, I’m actually enjoying Eden of the East as well (I just never bothered to make a new post about it, since I’m more or less busy). I agree that it is a very well produced show and I’m curious to learn more of what actually is going on as the show progresses. (:

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