Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 10, 2009

Today’s topic is: Gaming

(Just a quick note – my torrents should work again but you’ll have to re-download them)


I really haven’t been very interested in the gaming scene for a long while now and that has mostly to do with the fact that, except for my DS, I don’t own any of the current generation consoles nor have a computer strong enough to play the more interesting titles out there. And titles that actually are interesting for the pc is also drastically dropping in numbers in my view. In fact, the whole “next generation graphics”-fad that has been going on for quite a while now with it’s brown, orange and yellow colors makes me want to punch someone in the face.

However, yesterday, while browsing for used things on shopping sites I got the idea in my head that I should look for a used Xbox 360 and see if I could get it for cheap. It seems to be quite common among my friends and it’s probably the console that fits me the most of the current gen ones, but after looking around a bit I found another problem than the price; can it play import games?     (Yes, I still want to try Idolm@ster xD)
After quite a bit of googling I could understand that while the console itself didn’t contain any region protection, the games did. And while many games created in the US and europe would actually be region free, the same thing could not be said about the japanese ones. And that kinda ruined everything. Of course, I saw lots of adverts for flashing it and upgrading firmware, but also posts about how that not only voided the warranty but could get you banned from live and stuff as well…

After that I wondered if I would be better off getting a japanese unit but after hitting amazon I discovered that the cheapest used unit they had was close to a brand new swedish unit and thus it was out of question because of the price…and I doubt amazon would let me buy it anyway (they seem to have some kinda rule regarding electronics and games).

And after this, I think I’ll pass on the 360…at least for now. But really, is it so hard to make a console more accessible to people all around the globe? I mean, the DS pulled it off (but not the PSP it would seem, which I think is weird since IT IS portable after all) so why don’t the bigger consoles loosen up the whole region thing already? In my eyes it’s old fashioned and we already have the language barrier :p

Yes…I know we have another problem as in NTSC and PAL but I’m pretty sure it’s not impossible to create a console that supports both, but I know to little about such things anyway /o/ *goes back to doing other important stuff*



  1. PS3 games are region free, as well as PSP ones and DS games untill the DSi comes.

    What is isn´t region free for(the PS3) is for PS games for some odd reason.

    Some Japanese X360 games are region free, Lost Odyssey being a good example.

    People from my experience bought a PSP for all the wrong reasons, good games was not on their list :p

    the flashing and upgrading of software says nothing about making the console region free so it would be a big waste of time.

    apparently there are some idol masters game to PSP.

  2. I didn’t know that PS3 (and PSP) had region free games but it is so frikking expensive anyway so it’s ruled out by default :p

    And yes, there is an Idolm@ster game for the PSP, but you can’t select which characters you want since they have already created a group for you D:

  3. That I did not know. Sorry for that.

    And sure they are expensive, but hasn´t the PSP been lowered in price?

    And why not take a look at to see if it fits your budget better?

  4. Idolmaster is probably the only reason I’d buy a 360.

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