Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 19, 2009


I’m back, in more ways that one…


The first is that I had tests to see to and re-do. Veeeeeeeeeery close but it would seem I got through this time as well *phew*. I haven’t received all the results yet but I talked with one people in charge who told that my total score summed up a passing grade.*fakkyes!*

Second is that first day of the new year, I noticed that M$ Framework 3.0 (at least that’s what I blame it on) has rendered my printer not working on my computer anymore so I try to remove, re-install, and fix things so that my old printer (which was running on win2k drivers cuz XP ones doesn’t exist…and Canon is like officially not supporting this model any longer) would work again. At that time I was in the middle of re-writing an essay and I kinda needed a working printer. Anyway, all my attempts failed and then the computer started to freeze 3 times in a row when booting, so I thought something was wrong. After entering safe-mode and transferring files all night, I notice that the comp boots fine the next day…but I decided it to be unstable and tried to restore it anyway.
Then it begins: It freezes at some points during almost all restore attempts except for two…during which it froze in windows instead…
Thinking it’s something wrong with my restore partition I borrow an XP disc from dad but it still freezes. I format c: and try again but it still freezes. (I’m so glad I had a laptop) Then we open it up, vacuum all the dust that has been building up and make sure all the contacts and cable are properly conncted…and it stops freezing, letting me install XP. So far, things have been working pretty good…except for the printer…but we bought a new good one for cheap so that’s covered. This system is 5 years old though I believe, maybe it’s time to change it soon…?

Anyways, Third! Saturday, I was with some friends to UppCon, a convention held i Uppsala. Usually it has been held during the warmer half of the year but they switched building to a bigger (more expensive one) so they’ve been collecting a bit of money in order for it to work I guess. Anyway, as the entry fee had become twice as expensive, I thought I shouldn’t spend as much on buying things…but that’s hard D:
They also sold doujins this year but I didn’t buy one. I had problem finding something that was interesting enough and I can only stand browsing pr0n in front of other people for so long…<.<

We managed to miss the cosplay though. We were in time but the HUEG room in which it was being held was already filled and they wouldn’t let more people in :/

Teh lewt~! /o/

Teh lewt~! /o/

(I bought a VHS of Burn-Up W for the lolz, turns out it had been quite well used D: Good thing it wasn’t expensive…)

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to.



  1. Yo!

    Welcome back. Some loot again I see 🙂

    I totally missed that it was a con here in Sweden. I wouldn´t have had the funds to go anyway but still, it´s nice to see that there are cons here.

    I managed to complete everything last season in school and I´m back for more. The first test next Thursday, need to start reading that…

    Ar Tonelico 2 released on Jan 20. Now all it needs to do is get here. For my own health I need it to arrive next week.

    I don´t know how I would react or if I would be able to browse trough porn in public… if it were a T2 stand I do think I would have no problem. But for the more “lolicon” versions I would have big problems.

  2. Sadly, I found no T2 doujins :s

  3. To be honest, I do think that would have been over the top if you had found some T2 doujins :p

    But I would really like to get my hands on his Macross Frontier and Clannad doujins, but they are his newest so no way jose.

  4. T2 is pretty great. And since manga doesn’t want the loli I’ll be ‘forced’ to take them. Twisted my virtual rubber arm if yak know what I mean. ;p Too bad I’d get arrested trying to import it to Canuckistan. T^T

    Oh and nice loot if not purely for Yotsuba & -snicker- the nice retro stuff. Because unless I miss my guess taht’s a cassette tape in the middle. :p I’m not sure it’s been forever since I’ve seen one.

  5. @uthek: Actually, it’s not a casette! 😀 It’s a single in form of a minidisc, but it IS retro though 😉 OP single from the *takes deep breath* All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV-series, so that’d be sometime from ’98 (: After all, I DO love 90’s j-pop. (Very pleased with this one actually…)

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