Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 31, 2008

Search terms for 2008


Just 3 hours left to 2009 as I’m writing this and while other people are going crazy with the fireworks, I thought that I, like last year, could post the top ten amusing/weird search terms that have reached me during 2008. So, the TOP TEN in no particular order SEARCHES for 2008


  • male anime maids – ….I did draw one for the lulz one time…
  • our goal is world domination -MAI BURAZUAAAAAAAA!! *poses*
  • geass nina table – Yeah, that scene was like totally awesome really…err..I mean….
  • what episode of code geass was it with t – This one got cut off, but I can’t help to wonder what the person was wondering about… :p
  • boy made into girl hentai anime – Those titles be out there….in the darknessss *wiggle fingers* And I’d probably watch them too ;_; *broken*
  • anime male and three girls – Sounds like a pretty normal setup to me, though, why limit the number of girls to a mere three? THE SKY’S THE LIMIT! OHYEAH!
  • You’re Under Arrest Honda Today – Haha! I actually find that little car strangely charming. I tried to find some images the other day and I think Miyuki’s Today is actually the 80’s model, one of these. Don’t take my word for that tho’s :p
  • jpg girls – …Good luck with that search 😕 I’m sure you’ll find something on them intarwebs that will be relevant to your interests… orz
  • bubblegum crisis hentai – *nods* I think I speak for us all when I say there’s too little BGC H out there…*corrects glasses*…moving on
  • 2 pretty anime manga girls that are good – I…no. Search fail, amirite? D:

No real good runner ups this year :s Just a bunch of searches about girls being tied up….

And, like last year, (for reasons unknown to me) Shugo chara continues to reign over the search terms…o_ô
A little early but Happy New Year!~~! /o/

I’ll see you people in 2009 *back to work * orz



  1. Well, at least you get some interesting search terms, all I get are pokemon related stuff, pokemon sex, pokemon ecchi, pokemon girls and the list goes on and on 😦

    Where have all the nice ecchi searchers gone?

    Happy new year!!

  2. @manga: Aha, your dreaded pokémon post is still alive and kicking, huh :s

  3. Daily visits, lots of them…

    Don´t know what the heck to do with it. As most searches are for the first image in the post I might get nasty and change the filename or something so it won´t work 🙂

  4. I lol’d at the first one…sometimes I wonder why people would search for these things. Then again, one of my search terms for this year involved bestiality…

  5. lol yeah,weird search terms. got quite a few as well.

  6. Haha, I was wondering if you’d do another one of these. I realize I’m horribly late at reading it though. Uhm. >.> But accordign to the Julian calendar new years was only a week or so ago <.<

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