Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 22, 2008

Hideo Kojima in Sweden


This was this weeks little adventure I guess~ |o/
Rukishou asked me to come with him to Webhallen (a game store in Stockholm) where they would be selling MGS 4 with a discounted price and Hideo Kojima himself would be signing stuff bought or brought.
I’ve just played the first two Metal Gear Solid games and while I’m no big fan really (I don’t dislike them tho’) I decided to be social and went with him. I brought the only MGS copy I have (MGS 2 Substance for PC -as I don’t have a psx/ps2/psp/ps3) with me for fun.
(It wasn’t ideal conditions for my camera, so I didn’t manage to get any good shots. I did film Hideo Kojima signing things but I can’t upload videos here…but it’s grainy and dark and sucks anyway :D)

Arriving there maybe about half an hour before the time of the event, the line (as expected) was quite long. I also ran into two of my classmates when queuing…which is not really important but was fun none the less.


After an 1 hour and 30 min or so, we were shuffled into the store itself. From there it was smooth, maybe a little too smooth. You gave the game to a member of the staff who then gave it Hideo Kojima who signed it. Then you were shuffled in front of the man himself where he’d give you the signed game and shake your hand. I managed to stutter forth a “arigatou gozaimashita” and was then shuffled away just as quickly as I got there.


Me, along with a big plastic Snake. It wasn't very solid though...

Then I realized something. I didn’t think things through (as usual xD) so he signed the plastic cover on the DVD case instead of the paper inside because I didn’t take it out :s I wonder how long that sign is going to stay there before it gets smudged… orz


Oh well, it was kinda fun to meet some people and what not~ |o/



  1. Thanks for sending me the pictures after you got home … XD

  2. @Yokaze, don’t worry, I will soon. I just wrote as soon as I got home but I’m on my way signing in to msn now 😀 You’ll have them shortly…

  3. Oh yeah, he did arrive in stockholm. When the mastermind behind Disgaea arrives I might want to have some autographs, but before that? Nah, ain´t worth the trip costs.

    And above everything else, I don´t like the MGS series as I hate sneaking around.

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