Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 18, 2008

A visit by Satoshi Kon

Remember how I wrote that Satoshi Kon would hold a lecture or something similar here in Stockholm, Sweden last week? (Seems like he visited Finland before coming here as well) Well, sadly, I decided that I wanted to go too late and I missed it. BUT. The day after, one of our teachers (who I also think acted as an interpreter during the lecture) had invited him to our university and we got to have a little chat along with some delicous cake cookies & similar tasty stuff.

I haven’t seen that many of his works so I didn’t have anything to say after our self introductions but it was quite interesting to try and follow the conversations (since everything was in japanese). We weren’t so many (my class is bigger but this meeting was specially for those who were attending the manga/anime-course) and even less dared to speak up. So, we didn’t get winded up too much in discussions but we did talk pretty much about his movies, especially his new work-in-progres one (which I cannot say anything about, haha) After that he signed (with a picture) to those who wanted (I kinda wanted but he was pretty swamped in the end there and time was running up) and then we took a group photo:


I'm not sure what my classmates think about being put on the intarwebs so I pulled a classic D:

Yes. Yes, I DO look very dorky there, I admit, and I can look much much better but oh well…it was a cool experience anyhow.

I’m an idiot and didn’t bring my camera so this picture was taken with someone else’s, who I then had to ask for permission to use etc etc etc which is why this little post is so late.

This is the first time I’ve shown my face on a picture here, isn’t it? D:
…I hope you didn’t get scared or something…



  1. an animanga COURSE? a visit by satoshi kon?? take me thereeeee~~~

  2. Actually, the course has a much lower profile than you might think. Satoshi Kon’s visit just happened to come with good timing, and was thus added as an extra not really connected to the course.

  3. Thats awsome tehshien 🙂 SUKEEE!

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