Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 7, 2008

燃え for 萌え Music Tips – 2

I thought it maybe was time for another installment and today I’ve got 4 soundtracks that I can recommend (I’ve yet to improve the utterly bland logo though)

Well, time to start things off and see how this goes~!

Lunar Passport


The soundtrack for Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na~Brighter than dawning blue~.
This is a soundtrack I’ve liked for quite a long time but been unable to listen to outside the game itself.
Some weeks back tho’, I found a torrent that worked in a thread over at HongFire. (I’ve been seeding it for a while and I plan to seed at least two more weeks or so)

Anyway, it’s a very nice soundtrack which gives a sort of soft and calm feeling. There are also faster, darker and some more epic tracks as well but the majority are as first described. There also some “mixes” thrown in but they are a bit meh, mostly just some of the songs connected and with some new drums added.
But ignoring the mixes, it’s a very capable soundtrack and it really helps give the game that special feel it has going.

Heart Sesson


Speaking of visual novels and their soundtracks, here’s a quite nice and jazzy arrange album based on some of the tunes from ToHeart 2. Most of the tracks are pretty good, some even very good, and often pretty laid back. Like the original TH 2 OST, it also works great as background music when doing something else. If you liked the TH2 OST or just jazzy tunes in general, it’s well worth checking out.

Strike Witches OST


No matter what I said about the show itself, I can’t deny that it sports a very beautiful soundtrack. Some epic orchestral scores as well more relaxed tracks, most of them very pleasant to listen to. It’s got a bit of that feeling to it that some movies has…I also found that the number of tracks I really like was quite high, which always is fun as well. If you’re feeling for a more refined soundtrack or just enjoy symphonic pieces in general, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

S4 League – VIVACE


If you think that the OSTs I’ve brought up so far are a bit too slow or if you want something with a slightly more modern sound, maybe this can be something…?
S4 League is a korean 3rd person arena action game and the music, of course, follow suit.
I don’t like all tracks but there still are some which I keep returning to, like for example #1 Nova, #5 Hyper Sonic and #8 Channel Choice.

…and, that’s all for this time I believe (:

edit: lol typos all over ZA PLACE D:



  1. I´ll give the Yoakena Crescent Moon a try. Since I actually liked the anime and I´m one of few that did that…

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