Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 25, 2008

(very) Short about Kannagi 04

This post is brought to you by delicious Zange-chan~!

Not only was it a rather enjoyable episode on the whole, but it featured three scenes which are worth a second look…and a fourth…and maybe a fifth…and……|o/

Zange-chan cleaning Jin’s wound

Words are meaningless

Nagi & Zange-chan in the P.E. storage room

…there’s something special about those storage rooms…(can’t help thinking of Clannad all of a sudden)…my own experiences with such locales hasn’t been that interesting tho’ orz

Zange-chan visits Jin’s (and Nagi’s) house

…in order to live there :3

Nice move there in the end, Zange-chan! I can’t wait until next week~ |o/


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