Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 19, 2008

Yoakena – Sayaka route clear!

Don’t remember when I last played this, early summer perhaps…anyway, I felt it was time to pick up Yoakena again and run through Sayaka’s route. Last time I played, I stopped just before Tatsuya realized his feelings so her, so her route more or less starts from where I was.

It was quite the sweet route this time too, even if I (as usual) felt that the H-scene when they first realizes each other’s feelings was thrown in a bit too early.
The drama this time around is that Sayaka really wants visit the moon again but when Feena gives her an opportunity to do so, she says no. So the reason why is the meat of her story I guess, at least a big part of it. Anyway, it was quite pleasant.

Like last time, sorry for the file names ¬,¬’

One thing I really love about Yoakena is the causal, laid back feeling it usually runs with but even so it manages to pull of endings that feel sort of epic. I guess the awesome music has something to do with that…
Speaking of music, Sayaka’s ending song was the same as Natsuki’s, but I don’t mind, it fits so well.

Sayaka’s omake was short but pretty sweet, although it just felt like an excuse to add another H-scene… orz

Let’s see now, this leaves me with only Mia and…uh..that other blond loli left. I think I will try out Mia’s route as well…
(For those who’s wondering, yes, I’ve done Feena’s path, but that was long time ago, I even might have to replay it, I’m not sure I got everything :S )



  1. Thats an awesome lil thing there! It makes me relaxed! It really is intruiging!!! -Bollyman

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