Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 18, 2008

Fall 08 – 2nd impressions

Some quick second episode impressions, without long summaries and stuff like that D:

Kannagi – Aaaw, sweet. Except for teh kittens D: ZOMGH TEH KITTENS!!1 ;_;
Childhood friend chara introduced, a cute one at that, Nagi transformation-wand antics continues as well as the high production values. Yey~! (:

I’m curious about the rest of the cast, hurry up and introduce them soon D: The next episode title: “School no Megami” sounds very promising though…

Toradora! – Wah! Taiga was really cute this episode~! I already like her better than Louise, at least the way she was in ZnT 3…
Rooftop scene was hilarious, even though it was kinda sad for Taiga/Ryuuji. People have been talking about how this episode rushed/skipped dramatic parts of the manga, but as I have no experience from the former, I thought this episode was good.

The OP is uhm…good as far as OPs go. I’m not very fond of the song, but it’s not that bad really and it fits very well with the animation, so I can’t clank down on it.

Yozakura Quartet – Didn’t bother to pick up another episode : /

Kurogane no Linebarrel – As of this episode, I consider this show dropped. Kouichi’s antics made me dislike him further, I still don’t like the drawing style and the character designs so far doesn’t look interesting enough to keep me watching.

The OP reminds me a bit of SEED/Destiny in the beginning but I don’t like song. At all D:
Kouichi piloting in a suit was lol though

Hyakko – Hmmm… I was hoping this episode would be funnier than the 1st one but I just didn’t find myself enjoying it much. The premise was good (checking out different clubs) but the execution was not. They kept building up for a game of…whatever club they visited, only to tear it down with Torako, in one way or another, messing up and injuring Tatsuki, making her chase Torako around. *Repeat this pattern*
I actually wanted to see some showdowns and was left disappointed every time, even if the pattern became obvious very soon : /

Gundam 00 Season 2 – There’s not much to say about this episode. Setsuna picked up Lockon’s replacement and brought back Sumeragi as well, while the rest of the crew tried to add another GN-drive to their gundams. Everything boils down to Setsuna kicking some A-law/arrow-butt with Exia that now has a GN-drive on each shoulder pad. That’s basically it. Oh and Ribbons was very surprised by this ¬_¬ Wow, two drives…
It wasn’t bad though, it just didn’t feel as cool as it could’ve been I guess…

Something that bothers me more is Lockon’s brother. They’re a bit too alike, as he feels just like the old Lockon right now…maybe he will act different later but…hm..I mean, I thought Lockon was one of the best characters in the show and yes, killing him off was ;_; for me but I’m not sure I like the idea of “reviving” him like this either…

Skip*Beat – lol, Kyoko stalks a manager for a talent agency called LME in order to make him take her in :s
She still have to go an audition after that though, during which the president for LME cracked me up with his awesome entrance xD
No special thoughts about this episode, except that I quite like this show so far…
Can’t say that Ren seems much better than Shou at this point but according to what I’ve read, he’s supposed to get better…I hope he does D:

Today in Class 5-2 – Better than the first ep 🙂
The cat arc and missing bloomer arc were win. I still think the cast is a bit weak though, in some ways. Or rather, I’m just not very interested in some of the characters, but I’m not sure really what’s missing. Anyhow, looks like this one will replace Hyakko as my slice-of-lice/school life comedy for me this fall…

And there you have it~ (:



  1. Skip Beat is fun.

    Ren says what he wants to say to her, Sho lied to her for a lot of years. See the difference? I do 🙂

    Wait till you watch the third ep of Gundam 00 S2. Obvious stuff is obvious? Oh yeah…

    Wonder when the doujins will arrive?

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