Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 14, 2008

Fall 08 part 2

Oh wow, this is so extremely late D: Everyone has probably watched these twice by now…

Gundam 00 Season 2

I’m totally lost again, story-wise. Especially since I don’t really remember how the first season ended. Anyway, things start with this new “A-LAWS” group (I’ve seen people call them both “A-LAWS” and “Arrows”, don’t know which is the right one) that flies around with new, shiny mecha toys and blows stuff up. In a bad way. Saji (Waah, I miss Kinue already D: ) who now works in a space station gets taken by the guards for some good, old fashioned slavery and manual labor in extreme conditions.
Until some other group’s ship crashes into the nearby docking bay in order to free them or something. And then the A-LAWS shows up again destroy stuff. Oh and they deployed droids as well. For whatever reason…(Gawd, I’m so lost D: )

Then Setsuna comes to save the day and WOW, he got a darker uniform. Exia is a bit beaten up and covered in a cloak…which probably isn’t the best protection you can add to your broken mecha.
These A-LAWS though, they own the sh!t out of Setsuna but then Tiera comes to help his long lost lover friend and bring him back to Celestial Being. Saji comes along too, only to go emorage @ Setsuna now that he finally has learned that he is a Gundam Meister. Anyway, I wonder what Saji will be doing in Celestial Being. Become a Gundam Meister as well? He’s so not fit for one…not yet anyway. Maybe he becomes unbelievable GAR once in the cockpit? Who knows…

And that’s my simplified, extremely not good nor detailed summary. Episode wise it, was pretty good. Animation was nice but that’s expected. I really want to know why Louise seems to have joined A-LAWS though…not to mention she reminds me of the druggies from SEED and Destiny now… :/
What is it with Sunrise and placing childhood friends/lovers on separate sides in wars anyway? Every single time…I’m surprised they don’t get tired of it…
Oh and Soma & Sergei are living together now it seems and Ribbons is just as FABULOUS as usual, if not more.

OP: Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi by UVERworld is quite a good song I guess. I like it better than most of the OP/EDs from last season. The OP itself is also pretty nice, “dead” characters are everywhere though…But this is Sunrise after all.
ED: No ED. The OP was played in it’s place.
Verdict: Firmly on watch list.

Today in Class 5-2

Not really something I had intended to pick up but it was a little scarce here after I wrote the first part of this time’s fall impressions. Today in Class 5-2 is about a group of fifth graders doing what they usually do. So, slice of life with a little comedy? Could be good.

But once again I’m left disappointed. I’m starting to think I’m hard to satisfy and the only thing that cracks me up is perverted jokes and yaoi-ish daydreams…I hope that’s not the case tho’.

Well, first off, since they are 5th graders, they are expected to do childish things…which they do. A big chunk of the episode is two of guys having a HOT BLOODED duel with airbroom guitars.
It utilizes one thing I’m very weak against though: switching to a more realistic and/or exaggerated drawing style, like the so called “Black Bible faces” in Minami-ke.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen

Ah well, as I said last time about Hyakko these kind of shows can be rewarding if given time, so I will check out the next episode as well…

OP: Random scenes played to Nisemono by Friends. I quite like this song, I must say. Rock-pop-ish and upbeat.
ED: Slide show played along a slower song called Secret Base ~ Kimi ga Kureta Mono~. Not really my style, so I haven’t really listened it through…
Verdict: Will give it another go


I haven’t read the manga but I thought I could check this out as well in order to add some shoujo flavor to my watch list. And good thing I did, this maybe can prove to be entertaining.
Anyway, Skip*Beat is about Kyoko, a young girl who’s working really hard to earn money for living expenses and flat she shares with her childhood friend and popular singer Shou.
Shou and Kyoko used to live in Kyoto but he asked her to come with her when he moved to Tokyo in order to become the star he is now. She’s a huge fan herself so she doesn’t mind all the hard work she does for his sake though…

Until we reach the turning point during which she finds out that he couldn’t really care less about her and that he’s only living in their apartment because it’s easy for him.
Kyoko then vows revenge on him but in order to do that, she must “enter his world”, in other words, becoming a star as well.

Story is from here really but the intro is the whole episode. It was quite funny, even if the animation is bit too close to QUALITY-town for comfort some times…the drawing style used looks very 90-ish but it’s not that good in my eyes. I do like some of the 90’s styles very much but isn’t one of them…
Even so, it sparked my interest and yes, I DO want to see her get revenge on Shuo, I just hope the show manages to do that before it ends D:

OP: The OP is pretty ok but most of all, I love the song, Dream Star by the generous. Rock-ish and positive sounding ❤
ED: A more laid back song, Namida by 2BACKKA, along with some trippy colored animations that focuses on Kyoko and Ren (another pretty boy star). Quite nice I guess, I just prefer the OP more…
Verdict: Could be interesting, placed on list for now…

Anyway, this was late so expect the post about my 2nd episode impressions to be even more late….wait, it is already OTL



  1. First season ended with Lockon dying, Setsuna owning whatever his name was with Exia and Allelujah drifting away into space

    Graham getting injured and thanks to that has to wear a mask.

    Most of the crew of Patholomas died in either one or two epsodes…

    Now sofar two of the crew that died has been revived… and if they don´t revive the people they have their younger brother who looks exact like the older brother take their place.

  2. The person in the last screen for Skip*Beat looks far too much like Mako-chan from minami-ke :s

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