Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 6, 2008

And that’s one year

6th October 2007, I was bored and my curiosity made me create a blog. Who would’ve thought that it would last this long?

Click it to be taken to a bigger version

Aside from that, I also have a little present for you people. Details after the jump.

It’s kind of interesting when you look back…
During the first week I wrote about 5 entries. I also did a little bit of episode blogging but stopped that later because it was rather time consuming. The activity has dropped quite a bit since then but it’s not like I’ve stopped writing.
And that’s why…maybe there will be a similar post next year? One can always hope (:

And here’s the “present” I was talking about:

Click it!

It arrived just the other day so I thought I would share it…haven’t seen a torrent for that one yet so…consider it rare? 😀 I dunno lol

Anyway, that’s it guess |o/



  1. Congrats!!

    In december my blog will reach it´s two year anniversery. Or just the half year one… all depending on how you look at it :p

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