Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 5, 2008

Fall 08 part 1

Once again the fall season is here (which will be the 2nd time for this blog btw) and I’ve checked out a few shows which I will write down some general lines about~!


I don’t know much about this one but apparently it’s based on a manga.
Anyway, Jin, a seemingly normal guy sculptures a girl in a wood trunk he received from the local shrine and then that sculpture turns into a girl named Nagi, who is a guardian of the tree from which she was made. Or something…I got pretty lost there…
Usually, that doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in but it was actually one of the better episodes I’ve watched so far.
Animation quality is good (for now at least) and the voice acting was good as well.
Nagi was fun and interesting to watch, not to mention cute, while Jin was normal…I guess? Well, not that bad anyway. I’m not sure what the plot is about but I’ll be sure to check out the next episode as well.

OP: Nagi sings and doing other idol-ish things. zomfghyesplz.
The song is called Motto Hade ni ne and is a poppy and upbeat song which is to my liking.
ED: Much slower song, I didn’t feel like that for the moment though so I pretty much jumped it <.<‘
Verdict: Placed firmly on list for now, seems interesting.


Toradora! already exists as a novel and many people also seem to be familiar with the manga. Since I’m not one of those people, I saw this without any real expectations at all and was pleasantly surprised. It’s about this guy called Ryuuji who happened to inherit his dad’s bad-ass look, so almost everyone’s scared of him.
The other important character is Taiga, a girl which reminds me Chiaki from Minami-ke…in many ways. Anyway, since she’s small but aggressive, her nickname is “te nori Taigaa” (Palmtop Tiger).
So far so good, right?
Actually there are two problems:
1) Drawing style. I have not really seen the manga illustrations or so, so I don’t compare it to that…I’m just not overly fond of it.
2) Taiga is voiced by the same seiyuu as a certain Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. I’m constantly reminded of Louise’s now tiresome tsun-tsun antics and everytime I hear an “inu”,”baka”,”urusai” or something similar, it feels for a moment that I’m watching some kind of alternate universe Zero no Tsukaima spin off.
…maybe not what I was longing for when I just finished ZnT 3…orz

Other than that, it was still enjoyable and I somehow liked the setting.

OP: No OP yet.
ED: Vanilla Salt is played while the cast walks around with umbrellas. The little tiger is awesome ❤
Verdict: Placed on list, seems interesting. I just have stop thinking of Louise.

Yozakura Quartet

In a town called Sakurashin, youkai and humans tries to live side by side in harmony and also fight of evil youkais who wants to ruin this relationship. Something like that.
Picked it up by chance but I didn’t really like it. It’s not a genre I’m very interested in and it didn’t have anything special to make me interested either. Even if some of the characters are nicely designed, it feels a bit run of the mill.

OP: Just Tune is a quite upbeat song, and I guess it’s fitting with the stylish OP animation but nah…not my style.
ED: Nagare boshi by Round Table feat. Nino. I have heard some good songs from this group and I doesn’t think this one’s bad but…nothing that special. Played along images of the youkai hunting group doing…stuff.
Verdict: Might watch the next episode, but I’m not sure.

Kurogane no Linebarrel

Mecha anime by GONZO. I’ve been told that the manga was quite nice but sadly, this first episode wasn’t. In my eyes at least.
Annoying main character, uninteresting character design, a drawing style I’m not fond of…
Since it’s GONZO, the mechs are 3D CG and I must say, very smoothly animated. Sadly, they still stand out and look weird next to hand drawn backgrounds/people.

Story: Linebarrel (mecha) falls towards earth and some organization + governments are ready to pick it up. Then it gets attacked and thus it’s trajectory path changed and it falls right on the wussy main chacter Kouichi. Sadly he doesn’t get his sex changed and the rest of the episode is not about yuri relationships.

Anyway, he wakes up in a crater with the robot, a flower and a nekkid grrl. Who he brings home. Without the mech. Clearly, the correct solution would be to bring home the girl with the mech. Anyhow, three more mechas arrive…or are they called armas? I’m not sure but they start to destroy the city in any case. Then more stuff happens, the girl remembers everything and then she presses his hand to her bewb and his eyes goes weird and Linebarrel appears and 3D CG mecha battle ensues.

OP: No OP yet.
ED: A song called Ame ga Furu is played along with some image collage. It should be mentioned that these images are drawn in a way that is superior to the drawing style used in the episode itself.
Verdict: Might end up watching next episode…or not…


Slice of life comedy in a school setting. That’s the words you’re looking for if you ever wanted to get me hooked on an anime you made. I don’t know why but I’m usually able to enjoy shows in these categories more often than other shows. …or at least follow them longer before I drop them… >:3

Hyakko is based on an online manga by some obscure publisher named FlexComix many hasn’t heard much about.
Even so, I kind of placed it as a possible sneak hit.
So how did it turn out? …I don’t know.

The cast, which shows up one after another, gets lost in the huge school campus and more or less walks around the whole episode. That’s about it.
Oh and they totally punchOwned a teacher.

So far it seems a bit weak and dull. I only like one of the characters (window jumping Torako <3) as of now and Ayumi (the first one to get lost) has a high pitched voice which is really annoying. orz
…then I read that she is voiced by Aya Hirano…oh well, I did enjoy her voice in Haruhi and Lucky Star but this time it’s a bit too high for me.
Still, shows like these must be given time. Lucky Star and Sketchbook are shows that were enjoyable but had a slow start…except for Sketchbook, which was slow the whole time…but that was kinda it’s appeal.

OP: No real OP right now, just recycled scenes from the episode. The song itself is called Suppin Rock and feels quite good but still not that special.
ED: Rough concept sketches are always interesting to look at. The song, Namida Namida Namida is sung by Aya Hirano and it’s not really the cheerful song I had expected. :s
Verdict: Might end up watching next episode…or not…

Alright, now I have to hit the books for a while~! |o/



  1. Yes. Hyakko is an EPIC anime.

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