Posted by: Ji-L87 | September 23, 2008

(rant) Wouldn’t it be nice if…

…there was a little break, like two-three weeks or so, between the end of an anime season and the beginning of a new one?

It’s not that I don’t mind getting served new shows when the old ones run out but since I still have episodes from older seasons lying around, a little break maybe would make me bored enough to break them out. That and give more time to re-watch some good shows earlier seasons brought.

Sure, how much time you actually spend watching new shows of course depends on how many shows you decide to follow, but even after unintentionally dropping a few (my specialty OTL) there are still times when you feel pretty cramped and when things finally open up you might want to see something else.

Still, with that said, I am looking forward to the coming fall season…it didn’t look that interesting at first but then I started write down those that could be worth a look and ended up with twelve shows o_O

Of course, I don’t expect all of them to be what I hope and imagine (will probably manage to drop a few too orz) so hopefully the actual number of shows on my plate will shrink a bit…but I’d be really happy if some of the (to me) more unknown ones proved to be really entertaining. It’s kinda the same as when you buy a CD/soundtrack based on guesses and the cover and it actually turns out good 😀

Ah well, for now, going to bed would be nice. ZwZ



  1. haha That’s a great picture 🙂

    You don’t have to force yourself to watch anime you know. It is ok to temporarily drop some shows to see some new ones. It is really a matter of your current interest.

  2. @Kitsune: Yeah, but my “temporary drops” tend to become long time drops as I’m just not good at picking them up again. 🙂 And when I don’t pick them up, I can’t help thinking that “Gee, I followed that for a while, I really should pick it up again” but I often don’t really feel like it at the moment etc etc repeat (:

  3. It seems like your temporary drops tend to turn into long term drop, but that is fine. Rather than thinking in terms of “I should pick that up”, think “I choose to pick up”. When you have time to watch anime, think about the show that interest you the most and would bring the most joy. Then go ahead and watch it. It does not matter if it something new or one of those dropped series. What matters is how much you would enjoy it 🙂

  4. Yah, I guess. There was some wise words in there. [:

    Things like that were much easier before I realized that anime comes in seasons and knew the existence of sites as danbooru or started to read animeblogs, where it’s easy to get spoiled if one’s not careful…

  5. Watch what you want to watch at the time you want to watch it. That gives it a way better feeling than just feeling that you “have to watch”.

    And I sincerely think and hope that you´re not going to follow every show of this new season? Thus that gives you time to watch older eps of a show you put on hold 🙂

    But I do agree, sometimes it just feels as if there are to much anime being aired at the same time. I wonder if I´ll have the courage to pick up Gundam 00 Season 2…

    With the big dissapointment that was Gundam Seed Destiny I just have a hunch it´ll be worse than ever.

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