Posted by: Ji-L87 | September 12, 2008

Strike Witches @ss ranking

Right! Uhm…why am I not surprised?
Anyway, stumbled on this earlier over at the english version of AkibaBlog.

As you can read in the original article, people have been voting since the 19th August on which rear-end they prefer the most and during the moment that post was written the standings were:

1st place

1st place - Francesca

2nd place

2nd place - Sanya

Shared 3rd

Shared 3rd - Perrine

Shared 3rd

Shared 3rd - Lynette

…alright, I couldn’t resist.
If I am to be honest though, I quite like the current plot direction. Too bad it’s only one episode left when things finally goes my way 😛



  1. ”’orz

    The image links don’t take me to the “ass”… -_-

    But yeah, Stike Witches suddenly became quite good…but I wonder if things about the Neroui will be answered in the final episode…

  2. @53RG10

    Not the images posted but the link will give you what you seek :3

    Yeah, I really wonder how the final one will play out too.

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