Posted by: Ji-L87 | September 10, 2008

Long time, no siege?

Well, if one and a half week counts as “a long time”, I don’t know, but it feels quite long anyhow.
Right, I just more or less came back to say hi and let you know that I have been feeling quite busy as of late and that the will to write (and the ability to draw something at least decent) hasn’t really shown up as I had hoped.

…um…I really have no intention of turning this into some sort of personal “what’s going on with my life”-journal because even I wouldn’t care about reading that sort of boring stuff. And if I really wanted to bore each and everyone to death with that sort of thing, I’d probably do that with my neglected DA-journal or something, not this blog.

So, in order to return to this blog’s original purpose, let’s talk about anime! Or rather…let’s hear me rant about anime. …and by “hear”, I mean read.

I actually haven’t been neglecting anime as much as I thought I would. For example, the last two episodes of Code Geass R2 brings me great joy. Not that they are very funny tho’, I just start giggling uncontrollably every time something unexpected happens and someone goes “;ò________Ó;; ZOMFGH WAT?!”. It feels like it’s slowly tearing itself apart since a couple of episodes back and you just sit there laughing at the spectacle presented to you. I still think it’s brilliant though, I just don’t know why. D: I mean, I should be sad that most of the things I love about the show is now being turned into ashes in that giant bonfire along with Charles’s statue but all the bold moves and story twists are so quirky and outrageous that they are entertaining enough by themselves to divert my attention from most of the trainwrecking and trolling.

For reasons unknown to me, this image brings me great joy

For reasons unknown to me, this image brings me great joy

Somewhat more unexpected is that I picked up Prince of Tennis again. (Which most of you never really knew I used to watch). I actually started watching again only because I wanted to see some episodes so I could move them over to one of my external drives and free some space but I accidentally got sucked in instead. Despite all it’s shounen-type problems (stretched out sequences & bad pacing for example) I really like it. Well, once you accept that the animation quality isn’t exactly what you’d call stellar. It does have a good cast though, I really enjoy the characters so I’m watching it just to see how it goes for them.

What I enjoys most at the moment: Xam’d Lost Memories. I hate waiting for HD episodes though. Ep 8 seems to be very late this time. …and that’s the only complaint I have so far. I really love it and can’t do anything else than thank Sergio for giving me a heads up about it’s existence. *bows*

Something I don’t enjoy very much for the moment though is Mission-E and Strike Witches. I know I gave Mission-E lots of praise earlier but it has now turned out to be pretty bad. That also goes for the animation quality, which never were that good to begin with. Ow. :<
Strike Witches then, it’s still better animated than Mission-E but that’s probably the only thing in which it excels. Sadly, the mood it managed to give in the 2nd episode, which was the one that made me put it on the watch list, never really turned up again. What did turn up was more scenes of characters trying to be serious while not wearing any pants.

This doesn't really help...

This doesn't really helpt it's case :C

I’d like to find the persons who thought that was a good idea and slap them silly.

Oh and lastly, I started playing this anime-styled online shooter/3rd person action game called S4 League, which is now open-beta, and it’s great fun.
…until you get massive lag problems and spends a whole afternoon loosing connection with the chat, relay and game server. After which your time-limited weapons magically disappear. Twice.
No response from the support yet. Good times, good times…

Well, at least it have got good artworks though…

And there you have it, see you next time~! |o/



  1. Code Geass having WTF moments? That stopped when Rolo died. Other than that it hasn´t been much more of WTF moments…

    Anya being someone close to Lelouch was obvious because of her geass reaction, with Nunally not dead when she was introduced it had to be Marianne. And with that, sending Lelouch and Nunally away was a pretty big step but yes, in context it was the right deciscion.

    In true Sunrise manner: No Body shown = not dead Nunally´s revive wasn´t a suprise.

    And the list goes on and on :p

    Nice to have ya back though 🙂

  2. @manga: You think? I think those moments really started to come with Rolo’s death.

    Sure, my thoughts about Anya’s geass reactions were something completely different so I was kinda off-track there but “context” in Code Geass is really no simple matter. I’m starting to think that just about everything can relate or become “context” at this point.
    I dunno, I guess I just think it’s pretty unpredictable but I love that about CG (:

    (oh and even if we didn’t see the body…I still want to know how Nunally and Sayoko survived that :x)

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