Posted by: Ji-L87 | August 14, 2008

Walls and paper (rant)

(This is just a rant, you might want to skip this)

I’m starting to get fairly tired now thanks to having had the pleasure of waking up earlier than usual and spending the rest of the morning worrying about being drilled in the mouth. (And then actually being drilled in the mouth, of course) So, even if I probably could elaborate this to the moon or something, I’m going to keep this fairly short. Or planned to, at least, but then it got 5 miles long and I failed.

Now, it just struck me that I haven’t changed wallpaper in…quite a while now. I’m not sure if it’s been enough weeks to call it a month yet but it’s been too many days for it not to be unusual. When I think about it, I probably haven’t changed the desktop screenshot under “desktop” in an even longer amount of time, like…a half year or so. Still, I reckon seeing someone’s desktop layout is only fun and interesting once and that being shown an “upgrade” consisting of using a new visual style and moving all icons from the far left to the far right is going down the category “seriously uninteresting”.

I think the sudden decrease in wallpaper-addictedness is the fact that I’ve been using a non-anime motive. They work surprisingly well. Right now it’s just a picture of a beach getting hit with waves but by golly it works.
Because my interest in manga and anime, I usually wanted a wallpaper relating to that. The problem is that there are very few good ones: Most are cut outs with various filter effects and/or photo manipulation. Others could be potentially good but are drenched in text. The biggest problem is to find a good, “work-safe” wall. Or should I call it “home safe” because that’s what I really mean.

This could've been a good wall but someone had to slaped a calendar on it

This could've been a good wall but someone had to slap a calendar on it

You’re probably guessed by now that I do not mind my screen being filled with the occasional T&A (that has come to be so associated with anime) now and then but I want to be able to leave my computer (screen on) and not coming back to find people looking at me funny. How many does actually use all those juicy wallpapers? I only do that days when I’m home alone and no one else can stare at my coming financial and social doom slight obsession with japanese animation.


I love this wall, I just can't use it too often :/

I do know believe that there might be lots of good wallpapers that doesn’t give you a raging hard-on as soon as you minimizes some windows but finding good ones still poses a problem for me.
While it’s hard to say what makes a good anime-themed wallpaper, I know that fanservice usually isn’t the way to go if you’re trying to make yourself look slightly less RONERY. But, if you go to any anime/manga page with loads of walls (that’s not photoshopped to death and beyond) like…for example danbooru and 4chan, girls and fanservice is what you’re going to be up against and anything not like that is rare and will probably suck anyway. Actually, those sites aren’t very good examples and of course there are other sites too which actually might have something of value. It’s just that most will require your soul membership and that you then spend time spamming other peoples walls just so you can get points to download more.

Biggest problem for when choosing a wall is always that there are so many criterias a wallpaper must fulfill before I can put it to use. It must have nice colors which I like watching at the moment (a nice light blue is usually good), preferably not too dark, a not too busy composition and preferably not (. )( .)s in my face. I’m starting to believe that the reason I haven’t switched from my photo-wall is the fact that a good scenery-wall seems to have it easier passing my criterias.

These could probably work…except they’re in the wrong aspect ratio & resolution and I would need to crop & resize them

But what is a desktop to you anyway? Of what importance is that image that you can’t see because you spending the whole day browsing in fullscreen or doing something else important?
Well, granted, it’s not that often you’re going to be admiring your desktop but those times you actually do that, I want it to feel unrestrained, spacey and sort of relaxing to look at. A bit like a window, actually.

I really wish I could come up with some conclusion to all this ranting but I can’t, and I’m really starting to long for my bed now. I guess I just wanted to complain about how finding a good anime wall is royal pain in the behind. So I’ll just end it here and…hope I’ll do a better post about something else on another day.



  1. Well. Check and stay away from /e/ /d/ and all that and instead head over to /w/ :p

    They actually have a lot to offer.

    Sure there are topics about ecchi wallpapers but they are pretty rare. Atleast the times I’ve seen them.

    Changing or rather finding a good wallpaper is a bitch yes. I have problems with that too. But I won’t be having that problem for a while 🙂 Yay for friends who can make vectors. And with the very best from Macross Frontier.

    Get your ass out on MSN or something and I’ll try and help you.

    But a question: What ratio and size is your screen? Having a 1600×1200 och a 1280×1024 Screen is fine, just let the screen adjust the image itself. It’s worse if it’s a 1680×1050 resolution and a 1600×1200 image since then it get’s cut of from the top.

  2. I went to /w/ while typing that, didn’t find anything really noteworthy in those 10 pages though. I used to be there posting quality walls but I haven’t visited in like forever 😀

    I’m usually not a big fan of vectors, I like cel-shading when it’s moving but as a wall I often find them pretty flat or lacking a bit in color. But then again, I’m such a critic (Prefers CG walls or something, dunno)

    And lastly, I run 1280×1024. Yes, you can just use “adjust to fit” on a 1024×768->1600×1200 wall but then the proportions go awry. So if I want to see the image the way it should be seen, I need to crop & resize it slightly.
    (Logos & text tend to mess these parts up)

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