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A collection of summer loot

(This could get long |o/)
Right, so I’ve managed to acquire a few things since june until now. I’ve actually not been looking on my financial status the whole time but I’m pretty sure it’s time for me to lay off the impulse buying for a little while… 😉

Not including the Sony NWZ-818 (which I maybe will review at a later date), this is the loot:

2 cds, 1 portable speaker, 1 novel & 1 manga volume

2 CDs, 1 portable speaker, 1 novel & 1 manga volume

Not too interesting at first sight perhaps but, in my eyes at least, fine loot none the less.
Let’s take a look at the books for example…and, uh skipping Negima because there’s not much to say other than that I enjoyed it (which I usually do) or maybe…spoiling things…but most of people seem to read the scanlations anyway so if it’s anyone in risk of getting spoiled, it’s me.

Moving on then to the Full Metal Panic novel…

Full Metal Panic – Volume 2: One Night Stand

(If you haven’t watched or read FMP, you might want to skip this)

It didn’t strike me that much when I was reading the first book but GONZO has taken quite many liberties with their old anime version and that becomes quite clear this time. Sure, there was some slight differences between the novel and the anime-adaption the first time too but it played out (roughly) more or less the same. This time, however, things are a bit different. FMP was one of the earlier animes I watched and I quite liked it. Re-watched it a few times as well but after reading this volume, my appreciation for GONZO’s mecha classic have started to sink a bit.

You see, while the first volume deals with the aircraft hijacking, the rescue operations and everything that follows (anime episode 1-7), volume 2 of the FMP novel deals with what happens between episode 9 trough 12, which would be the arc with the giant Behemoth.
My main gripe with the anime version is that not only are scenes and details missing, some of them that were left in are wrong.

One example of this would be that in the novel, Sousuke and Tessa (while in possession of the restrained Takuma) was attacked in Sousuke’s apartment before seeking refuge in Kaname’s. In the anime, this do not happen. Another “big” thing would be that (again) in the novel, Sousuke didn’t want to hide in Jindai High School as he suspected the enemy would search for them there and instead they fled to another, closer high school (where they also have a run-in with the janitor). In the anime, however, they do go to Jindai and it’s Sousuke himself that thinks it’s good place to hide.
Not to mention the firefight inside the tankers cargo hold also plays out a bit differently.

So here’s my tip: For maximum enjoyment of the FMP franchise, watch the anime before reading the novels 🙂

Right, with that over and done with, let’s move on to the portable speaker…

Elecom PSP-CS500 Portable Speaker

I ordered it through and I found their service to be quite good. I’m not sure I can say the same about the speaker though. It sounds pretty much like my HP laptop, which isn’t quite the top performer when it comes to a stellar audio experience (well, maybe if you’re overly fond of treble). It’s quite lacking in the bass department and the cord is quite short as well.
I should probably note here though, that this is a passive speaker. Meaning: It isn’t powered by any batteries or anything other than what you plug it in too. Which actually was one of the big selling points for me because, if there is something I hate to put my money on, it would be batteries.

The big drawback for this is that it’s pretty though to power and you’ll have to crank up the volume pretty much in everything that you plug it into. On the plus side, they are indeed very portable, looks quite nice and…well…works.

And lastly, the two CDs…

WENDY – Toki wo Tomete

As you might have noticed by now, I’ve got a thing for japanese music from the 80’s and 90’s. This particular CD is a single from 1993 by a group called WENDY, which I discovered by randomly downloading the soundtrack to Aoki Densetsu Shoot…which I haven’t seen nor know nothing about.

Since it’s a single, it only got 4 tracks (of which two are karaoke ones). The “main” track for this single is indeed called “Toki wo Tomete” (stop the time) and it is a pretty slow one. I don’ think it’s bad but I can’t say it’s that exciting either. The 2nd track on the other hand, is more to my liking. It’s called “Ikutsumo no Omoide no Naka de” and it translates roughly to “among a great number of memories”. It’s pop-ish and reminds me pretty much of the tracks they did for the Aoki OST and that’s just what I wanted to hear from them.
Worth mentioning is the unusual shape of the case. It’s not a jewelbox but rather a folded paper construction with a little plastic to hold the CD. It seems this kind of packaging is pretty normal for singles and I probably just thinks it’s unusual because I prefer buying albums instead. :p

(I did rip and scan this but I didn’t upload it anywhere. If you want it enough I could pop it up on nyaatorrents or something…)

Musique 01 – Le recueil des faits improbables de Ryoko Yakushiji

Last but certainly not least is the first soundtrack to the currently on-going Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo anime. This was buy solely based on the fact that I like the instrumental jazzy OP & ED…as well as I enjoy some of the tunes I’ve heard throughout the episodes. Sadly though, this CD only contains 8 tracks, which I think is pretty weak for a soundtrack CD. On the other hand, it looks like they will release two more…orz
Thankfully, both the full version of the OP & ED are included. As far as the BGM comes, I only really liked two or three of the supplied tracks but it doesn’t sound that bad when you consider that it’s 50% of all the tracks (minus the OP & ED). When was the last time you liked at least 50% of a soundtrack? For me, quite a while ago… orz

I scanned and ripped this so I could put it on my mp3-player but I also planned on uploading it as a torrent but then I found out, today, that someone already has done that…and here I thought I would be first since I didn’t find it anywhere…prior to today, that is.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Oh, I should probably mention that I’m quite certain I will become quite busy for a while now. Not only is my last chance at clearing that final part of jap-class exam (which I’ve failed two times now) later this month, but I also enrolled a local driving school earlier this week. I actually should’ve had my first lession on tuesday but something went awry in the teachers office and it got moved to tomorrow.
On top of that, I’ve got a drawn commission with a time limit that’s decreasing rapidly…

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around much…
…but you know I can’t hold myself off from coming here anyway 🙂



  1. you know after a few hours of looking, i cant find the torrent to Musique 01 – Le recueil des faits improbables de Ryoko Yakushiji any hints clues or a link perhaps? >_<

  2. @ Random: This is the one I found:

    Don’t know if it works or not, never tried it :/

  3. ah thank you, it works fine but seems to be needing more seeders hopefully that will happen as the show gets more popular.

    haha and because i am too lazy to start a new post on your next blog, if you still have not found a new wall yet you might want to try this site i stumbled upon it when i was looking for os-tan pictures. ^-^
    thank you again for the link

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