Posted by: Ji-L87 | August 4, 2008

Impressions: Xam’d: Lost Memories Ep 2

A bit late, eh, no matter. Thankfully, HD releases are starting to come out on torrent so it’s even more enjoyable to watch now. 😀

Like last time, this is not going to be an episode summary but rather my impressions of what I’ve seen.

I was a little worried that the animation quality would start to drop already but it hasn’t, and there’s still lots of animation going on throughout. Maybe they can keep this level of quality for quite a while (if not the whole show) since each episode costs a bit to rent on the PS3.

The story still isn’t explained much (it’s the 2nd episode, what can you expect?) but at least now we learn that people transformed into Xam’d will turn into to stone unless proper care is given. The bombs dropped from the ships last time also were revealed to be some kind of weapon (the lizard thing in the OP) which are…weird. And quite haxx. They also apparently need someone to control them. I’m still unsure about how I feel about the story, we know so little. For now I want to know more but it all depends on how things play out.

I’ve been thinking a little about some of the characters that has been presented so far. No one except the Captain of the ship strikes me as really attractive or interesting design-wise. Sure, Haru is kind of pretty but very normal and while Nakiami is the one most designed to look special out of the bunch, she doesn’t hit the right buttons with me. It’s personal preference, sure, and I believe they were made this “normal” to add to the realistic feel this show wants to have going for it.
And yet…I kind of miss the feeling of being dragged towards a show because of the character design.
I know visuals isn’t everything and I might appear pretty shallow but, I think anime (and manga, of course) really should make use of it’s proven ability to create visually intriguing characters.
It doesn’t have to be over the top, small touches are enough to create something that stands out.

The green bunny-thing gets full score from me though (: Adorable and I want one.

But yeah, I still think it’s a very promising show and I intend to follow it. I am a bit worried about a few things though. Unlike a normal anime that’s aired on TV, I can see people stop wanting to pay for renting it if the story takes a turn for the worse. I hope that BONES foresaw that and didn’t write a story that flunks out too much. Thankfully, Xam’d is only going to be 26 episodes which Hopefully shouldn’t leave a that large gap for things to get dragged out or go bonkers.

Then there’s another thing: the kids. When I see them and think of the fact that the main characters are living in some kind of flying ship, apparently more or less doing their own thing, I am constantly reminded of Eureka SeveN, in which I can’t say that the kids were my favorite part. No, I found them annoying and I didn’t like what they added to that story. I just wish that the kids won’t ruin things again but we all know that ruining things is a kid’s special skill.


Screencap dump:


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