Posted by: Ji-L87 | August 2, 2008

…and he’s back

Right, home again. I didn’t remember my own bed to be this comfortable but it apparently is. The best part probably is that it isn’t a kitchen, which would mean that no one will barge in and wake me up to move the bed outside because it’s in the way of making breakfast…z_<

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I had access to internet now and then so I’ve been checking things out. Mostly forums and communities though as I didn’t dare to read anime blogs since I was afraid of spoiling things for myself. Now that I’m home I’ve got down pretty much all episodes that I’ve missed and I plan to watch them…soon. |o/

Also, using that small (and cheap) mouse I bought to use with my laptop (as I forgot my normal mouse back here) really makes you see how big and chunky normal mice are. Or at least mine. Which isn’t that big.


Oh yeah, I added one of those widgets so that you could listen to some music if you want. It’s a bit down to the right



  1. Well. That mouse was kinda big as well if I have to say what I think. To bad I suck at creating images otherwise you´d get to see the mouse I´m using for my laptop :p

    Welcome home again. Beds are always comfortable to lie in. My bed turns into a real sexy comfortable bed whenever the sheets are changed, feels like I could lie in bed for a whole week.

    That box you got there with music, how did you do that? I want to know 🙂

    And where do you upload the mp3 files to?

  2. You need to get a free account over at (get the lite-plan). But once you have it, don’t upload files just yet, you need to go into your wordpress dashboard and find the widget first. After using the link there a new folder will be created in your account, put your music there 🙂

    That’s how I remember it anyway…

  3. ok, will try it out sooner or later, anything that allows me to put music up on my blog without having to spend storage space is great 🙂

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