Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 25, 2008

Please leave a message after the beep…

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m currently is positioned in the southern parts of Sweden, 6 hours away from home by car, and I was also going to say that I’m without a decent internet connection. Thankfully, it would seem someone around here a friend of mine has a non-protected wireless network that’s strong enough to reach where I’m sitting right now. (It’s very weak though, won’t be running any torrents on this one)

I also seem to have forgotten my mouse : / There goes my plan to get a bit further in R6 Raven Shield while I’m down here….(which is the only shooter I’ve got installed on this orz) but it’s okay cuz I bought a cheap little travel mouse and I just discovered that I actually got loads of games installed.
I didn’t bring my tablet either but I DID bring one of my external drives that’s loaded with anime :3
And some fresh save files for “Yoakena” and I’ve got To Heart 2 installed to so I’ll probably be okay in that department.
(It would turn out that the Yoakena save files didn’t work that well though. I can load my saves but CG gallery and that stuff doesn’t show all things I’ve unlocked :< )

HOWEVER, wasps (or something similar) has made a nest in one of the walls where we use to sleep while we’re down here so we can’t really sleep in there until we’ve got that cleaned up. In other words, we’ll be sleeping on the kitchen floor tonight, oh yeah. So I’ve got to sleep in the in the kitchen (IN A “BED”!) but it’s not as pleasant as it sounds… orz
Didn’t get much sleep last night…


So, don’t expect an update from me during a week or so. Not that I update that often anyway, but just so you know.



  1. Ouch! Kitchen floor? That ought to hurt. What are you doing 6h away from home anyway? Xam’d has it second episode released. You should check it out.
    Good luck down there. Hope you come back with your anime comments/reviews soon. I like to read them.


  2. We have a house down here, that’s why we’re 6 h away from home 🙂

    I’ll check out Xam’d ep 2 when I get home and I’ll probably try to write down my impressions on that one too but just so you don’t get your hopes too high up, I don’t write reviews so often D=
    Only when a new anime season begins or when I pick up something, watch it, and feel like writing /o/

  3. Sounds like what I did when I was at a party with a friend that lives 10 miles from here, just about 1 hour travel. I sleept on the floor after the party that time :p

    It worked though. Now I just love my own bed 🙂 Hell I can lie down in it all day long. It´s just so comfortable.

    Good that you´re taking vacation though after all that studying. Have fun and be back healthy and soon.

  4. Lots of updates for someone who said that “don’t expect updates for a week or so”. =)

    Good to have you around.

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