Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 22, 2008

燃え for 萌え Music Tips

I tend to enjoy music quite much but I rarely write about it, unless I make a loot-post or something, so I thought I’d try to write a few lines on songs, albums & soundtracks I enjoy ever now and then.
Notice: I choose songs for the melody mostly and not for the lyrics. The reason is that if the song is in japanese (or some other language) I might get a bit but probably not all…and I quite like that because it’s the melody that’s most important for me.

I’m fairly sure I don’t share the same music taste as everyone so I guess you’ll have to find out if we’re on the same wavelength or not in this matter.
Well, time to start things off and see how this goes~!

JiLL-Deco 2

I guess the 2 means it’s the second album from JiLL-Decoy Association. Anyway, I just found this on TokyoTosho half an hour ago or something when writing this. I’ve heard a few songs from JiLL before so I thought I’d download it a give it a try.
There are 13 tracks all in all. They’re kinda jazzy. Some more, some less. It’s a bit of a mixed bag.
Some are quite relaxing while some are a little more speedy and wants you listen and move that body of yours.
If you asked me to point out my favorite tracks from this album I’d choose:
*Track 03 – 一途な星 (Ichizu na Hoshi = Earnest Star)
*Track 05 – YOU & I
*Track 07- 光の指す方へ (Hikaru no Sasu Hou he = To the Point of Light *lousy translation*)
*Track 11 – SHE IS THE SEA
*Track 13 – No name collection (Mitsu the Beats Mix)

Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War OST

I just love this soundtrack. It’s full of tracks with a mighty, epic feel to them and also some more speedy ones from the arcade segments. Some tracks are heavy and dramatic symphonic pieces. Some are more laid back with slap bass, drums, some strings & maybe some trumpets/horns. Some are blazing guitars or techno beats. And they all work very well together.
I’m not sure how many tracks or discs there are in total because I didn’t get this from a torrent but from some site that had the tracks available for download one by one, so my tags and so are kinda messed up. But I can safely say that there are a lot and I think there’s 4 discs or something. If you’re looking for something atmospheric with movie-soundtrack feel, then this might be just for you.
It’s by far the best Ace Combat OST I’ve found to date. (I haven’t checked out that many though) and an impressive example on how good game soundtracks can get if taken seriously.


From Siam Shade comes a very rock-ish two disc compilation. The discs are labeled simply as A-side and B-side and it quickly became apparent for me that B-side was not my really to my taste at all. So I deleted that one…which makes it hard for me to actually say anything about it. orz
A-side on the other hand, proved to be just what I like to hear from Siam Shade. “Cheerful” (well, it’s not depressive) melodious j-rock with a chorus that just might get stuck in your head if you’re not careful.
Favorite tracks from A-side are:
*Track 01 – RAIN
*Track 07 – Glacial Love
*Track 10 – 曇りのち晴れ (Kumori nochi Hare = The weather becomes clear after being cloudy *lousy translation*)
*Track 11 – BLACK

ToHeart 2 OST

Looking for some good harem/visual novel-esque background music? Well, here’s a very fine example then. This consists of 41 tracks spread over two discs. New tracks from X-Rated (pc version) isn’t present though, as this is the soundtrack to the original PS 2 version.
Many of these tracks fits very well in-game but also as background music IRL. It’s maybe not revolutionary stuff but I’ve found it to be one of the better soundtracks from this genre.
I didn’t like the intro, Heart to Heart, very much in the beginning but it kind of grew on when I gave it the chance. Most tracks are upbeat but of course there are slower tracks as well for setting the mood. And I really like the mood this soundtrack gives off. Also, people who’ve seen/played the original ToHeart (and ToHeart – Remember My Memories) will recognize tracks like Feeling Heart and それぞれの未来へ (Towards their respective futures) which are instrumental versions of the original songs done in ToHeart 2’s musical style.


And lastly, for those who’ve seen Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo and Xam’d: Lost Memories, I saw the full opening songs for both on TokyoTosho earlier.

Oh and that logo is horrible, I knoow~ orz


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