Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 21, 2008

Oh, Saito…

It took you two seasons and three episodes before you got any change in your clothing attire. And it’s just a cape!


Aren’t modern men supposed to care more about their fashion sense or something…at least that’s what I heard….



  1. Well, it´s like that in anime/games. They freaking never change their clothes or have a unlimited suply of the same clothes.

    But nothing about Boobies revolution with Titania?

    Man you´re being nice 🙂

  2. Hi! How can one easily contact you? =) We should put a contact tab in our blogs. I’ll do it soon…

    But, hey. I wonder if you could check this out and maybe answer to my plea. =)

    – Sergio

  3. @Manga Actually, this episode didn’t have as many close-ups on “Titania”‘s (. )( .) as last time, surprisingly enough.

    @Sergio I’ve got my contact information in the about-tab (:

    About Xamd, I can’t find a torrent at the moment. Maybe there will be one in the future… =/

  4. I know. Even Siesta is jealous of Titania´s assets :p

    And with the previous ep having Louise go all yuri it´s understandable that they weren´t going to focus more on them…

    They don´t want the same shit brand as Kanokon received I think.

    Try Tokyotosho for Xamd, one ep up.

  5. Oh wait, I spelled it wrong, searching for “xamd” only gives the trailer. “xam’d” on the other hand is a whole different story. Downloading now 🙂

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