Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 20, 2008

Top Gear Season 11 – Episode 4

(Images are behaving a little dodgy at the moment and don’t want to show up as they should)

As I’ve stated somewhere in the about-section, this blog is, despite the name, not only for anime/manga-related rambles and writings. No, it can be personal too. Or…something completely different, it’s mine after all.
Now, “Why Top Gear all of a sudden?”, you might ask. “What’s that got to do with anything?” – But it is not entirely sudden (as I’ve completely fallen in love with this show, just never told you about it) nor is it that unrelated to my (and hopefully your) likings either.
You see, there’s a reason to this madness and in this particular episode, Jeremy, Richard and James have a little race across Japan (that’s they keyword right there) from the city of Hakuhi to Nokogiri mountain, which lies on the other side of Tokyo Bay.
And while Richard and James was to make their way there using the japanese public transport system, Jeremy had to hit the road with the Nissan GT-R.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the ending of the race (it was a very close race though) as I’ll leave that to check out for yourselves.

There’s a good amount fun scenes in this one, like for example, the horrified look on Jeremy’s face as the japanese GPS starts to give out instructions. Or maybe when James and Richard try to buy tickets using their talking translator devices they were supplied with.
And don’t even think about bringing out the old Top Gear slogan and call it “Ambitious but rubbish”, because, it…just isn’t. Like most other Top Gear events, it’s a pleasure to watch and even though the missions are generally more interesting than the races, just Jeremy & co being themselves are enough to make it entertaining.
They also do a bit of cultural clash, mostly by using cell phones to communicate with each others while on buses, trains and what not, which does not seem to be appreciated that much by everyone else.
Which I find…a bit weird. People talking on their mobile phones (with or without hands free) are commonplace in every mean of public transportation you can find here in Sweden and probably in most other countries as well…at least I guess that’s the case.

But anyway, if you’re interested in Japan, I dunno, this might be interesting to watch…I was smiling like a dork in any case.

I’ve not checked youtube for this particular episode but if they don’t have it now, they will probably soon. Or you could  just check out what your favorite torrent tracker has to offer…


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