Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 18, 2008

Summer 08 – Round 2

A bit late but here are my (short & simple) impressions from the 2nd episodes of the animes I’ve decided to follow~/o/

Birdy the Mighty DECODE

The quality’s gone down a little bit since the first episode, as expected, but it’s still decent and above.
Aside from a bit of fighting, this episode deals with the “I happened to kill you so you live in my body now”-explanation. Again, it’s done a bit different than in the OVA. I can’t decide which handled it best but I remember Tsutomu being a little more accepting throughout the OVA. I did quite like the 3D rendered 1st person “tour” in the beginning. Anyway, It will be interesting to see how it will go from here as I think the similarities with the OVA probably ends about here…more or less.

Verdict: Still firmly on the list.

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

And I know why:

I liked this episode much more than the first one but it also moves quite fast in some points.
We get the Louise x Saito x Siesta-bandwagon right from the start, that is welcome. Only to be joined by the “Bust revolution-girl”. Which is also welcome. Sadly though, just like last time Louise just has to walk out in the woods to be attacked. Again. I won’t spoil the ending of the episode (but you probably already has seen it by now) but aren’t we…like, back where we started again? :/

OP: I forgot to mention this last time but, Louise’s kick is awesome.

Verdict: No change here. /o/

Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo

A good episode and more than that, we’ve got an intro~!
This episode “ends” what was started last time, experiments with people exploding/rotting.
Ryouko’s background also gets fleshed out a little by introducing the fact that her father is the owner of a security firm named JACES. This episode also featured a giant snake. (but I didn’t screencap that /o/)

OP: It’s the tune that was played in the trailer, and I do like it. ❤ I actually welcome the fact that there’s no real singing in the OP & EDs.

Verdict: Placed firmly on the watch-list.

Chocolate Underground

In these 4 minutes, Louise dodges the question of valentine chocolate by telling the boys about a rumor: it still might be possible to get ones hands on some delicious chocolate. So the boys go the the place specified in the rumor (an abandoned mine) and finds a silver coin-like thing with some writing. A riddle, which they will try to solve.

OP: Still no OP, not sure if there will ever be one.
ED: Again, still noo ed ED, not sure if there will be one either.
Verdict: Easy to follow but could really be a little bit longer.

Strike Witches

Much better than the first. This might be because of the following things:
1) Less swimsuits.
3) Battles?
4) For some reason, the mood kicked in really well.
5) Engine sounds are still awesome ❤

I guess it’s hard to make first episodes interesting some times, with so much to tell and introduce, but it was just EXPLOSIONS and ENGINE ROAR this time…which worked very well. A good way to fish in people who wasn’t very convinced the first time. Well, at least it worked for me.

Verdict: Placed firmly on list…I mean…I already did a fanart :/

Mission – E

Don’t let my sucky screencaps fool you, this wasn’t such a bad episode. Sure, not as good as the first but I’ve got the joy of surprise to thank for that. Infiltrating an all girls school was on the menu this time and it worked fairly well…except that concept could’ve been fleshed out a little more. They hardly did do any girl school-ish things except for the mandatory gokigenyou~!. Two episodes maybe would be better but eh, this’ll do I guess. At least it features truck-throwing and a homage to Hatsune Miku.

Verdict: Placed on list. /o/

Alright, that’s it. I…can’t really come up with anything more to say at this point so let’s just end it here.



  1. Which one should I get first? I wonder… I liked most the Zero no Tsukaima and Strike Witches.

    Nice reviews!

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