Posted by: Ji-L87 | July 10, 2008

Summer 08

Is it just me or did the summer season come very fast? D:
Anyways, here we go~

Birdy the Mighty DECODE

I actually saw the older Birdy OVA a few weeks ago (though I didn’t write anything) and I quite liked it. Therefore I was happy to see a new Birdy coming, I really wanted more after the OVA ended…but alas, it’s a restart : /
It’s not a bad restart though, I really enjoyed this first episode. It does confuse me a little however…
Mostly because the manga and the old OVA were quite different and even though this is more like the manga…it’s still not really similar enough for me to say it’s based on it…which means there’s at least tree versions on how all this started, with the possibility of a fourth since I heard something of a manga-remake. Anyway, a very nice first episode, good animation, nice fights (I really did like those) and what I remember hearing of the soundtrack sounded very promising.

Oh and, it’s of course always nice to see Birdy again. ❤

OP: I can’t really make up my mind if I like Sora by Hearts Grow or not. As far as the opening sequence itself is concerned, I can’t really say if I liked it or disliked it : / It wasn’t bad though. But I still just don’t know…
ED: Afromania brings another nice ending song, and while repetitive, I found the looping animation to be quite cool.
Verdict: I liked the old OVA and even though I’m disappointed to be served a restart instead of a continuation it’s definitively placed on the list for now 🙂

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo

Uh…well, it starts out good anyway. Too bad Siesta came in and ruined it.
I don’t think Saito’s going to get any this season either…orz

I believe this show needs no introduction, as this is the 3rd installment of the magical romantic action-comedy with the horsewhip-toting Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.
…who thinks up those names anyway? D:

I don’t think this was a particularly good episode, frankly, I think things have been going downhill since season two and I’m starting to approach my limit of how much of Louise’s tsun-tsun I can take : /

That said, I DID finish watching the last season and I will probably do so with this one too…for reasons that I can’t put into words. No wait, I know, It’s probably Kirche.
…I miss Jessica… D:

OP: ICHIKO has been doing all the OPs for this series and this time the name of the song is You’re the one, which I actually find quite decent, even if I probably liked First Kiss and I say yes much more. The sequence itself is also fairly good but more importantly, seems to hint Tabitha getting feelings for Saito.
ED: I’ve never really liked none of the EDs for this series and this is no exception…
At least it got…gravity defying boobs? D: Wait…
Verdict: Placed on list, more or less, for just being Zero no Tsukaima. I don’t expect any wonders though.

Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo

I found some really nice images on danbooru on new years eve (that’s kind of sad when you think about it), turned out to be one of the main characters in this mysterious detective show with a supernatural touch based on a light novel with the same name.
I must confess that I didn’t understand much of what was said :/ I did seem pretty interesting though, even if mysterious/supernatural really isn’t what normally floats my boat.
What does float my boat, however, is strong women, and police inspector Ryouko Yakushiji happens to be just as such. What also floats my boat are good male characters, and assistant inspector Junichirou Izumida fits that bill very well.

This show has a much welcomed “grown up” way of handling certain situations that would make a “normal” (read: what we’re usually fed with) male character to break down and create a fuss. It’s no biggie but it felt welcome and Junichirou can also kick ass. Which also is welcome.

It might not be the best show of the season but with a little luck it will certainly not be the worst.
I think it actually might prove to be quite entertaining. Don’t take my word for it though.

OP: No OP yet
ED: It’s pretty much a jazzy song, À demain sur la lune but KATSU, being played while the camera pans around a cityscape and inside what seems to be a hotel room at night. It’s not bad at all actually, I like it and very fitting for the show.
Verdict: Placed on watch for now, if it doesn’t mess up, it’ll be just fine I think.

Chocolate Underground

Apparently chocolate (and sweet/unhealthy things in general) has been banned and replaced with some kind of health food. Trying to obtain or eat this now very rare delicious treat will be met with police brutality. …wut? D:
It does sound stupid (well, IT IS) but it actually seems to work. One thing that doesn’t work, however, is that one episode is like…5 minutes or less. That’s way too short, just as you get into it and it starts to become interesting, it ends. They should at least settled for 15 minutes.

It’s hard to say something about the story at this point, you don’t get that far in 5 minutes…on the other hand, it doesn’t stay too long in one place either. Now, I’ve actually seen 4 episodes of this…and you still doesn’t get that far. orz

OP: No OP yet
ED: No ED sequence but there’s a song with vocals playing during the next episode preview, it’s pretty ok.
Verdict: It’s too short for it’s own good but it doesn’t take much time from you so it’s easy to follow even if you’re bogged down with things to do.

Strike Witches

It’s like Sky Girls but with magic and school issued swimsuits.
I’m…starting to feel like I’ve lost the right to own a blog with “moe” in blog name when I clank down on things like this but, seriously, why is every person in this show with the characteristics of a loli (and there are lots of them) wearing one of those school issued swimsuits under their seifuku top (with no bottom btw and plenty of angles to prove it)?! The whole show feels like a moe fantasy gone wrong…that said, I never really had the hots for those swimsuits anyway.
I’ve got mixed feelings for this actually. The swimsuit overdose (and the clothing design in general…or lack thereof) had me face palming in a way Sky Girls never managed to, but I did enjoy some of the character designs and some parts of the episode…specifically the flying parts, I do like the sound. Mmmmm~! ❤
Speaking of flying, those leg mounted magic-powered prop engines do look quite weird, certainly not as cool as the mechas in Sky Girls were in eyes.
Speaking of Sky Girls, it’s hard not to compare these too. Especially when the same character designer worked on both. And sure, a futuristic one-piece swimsuit was used, but only during flight, here they’re everywhere…and in Sky Girls, at least they served a purpose.

…I think I’m getting old D:
OP: It feels like I’m watching Sky Girls but with Virgin’s High replaced with something very generic.
ED: Pantsu parade. No, really! There’s like…only two girls whose undergarments you cannot see ó_õ And while not special in any way, I like this song more than the OP.
Verdict: I’m interested in this show for the same reason I was interested in Sky Girls (flying girls & mecha musume are relevant to my interests) but I can see now that this is also going to be a journey full of face palms. Placed on watch for now…

Mission – E

I’m not sure how many that actually followed Code-E but even though I was on the verge of dropping it, I regained my interest and followed it until the end. I want to remember the ending as kind of…sudden, like I wanted a few more episodes for things to make more sense or something. Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting another season and this was actually a pleasant surprise for me. In more ways than one.
Code-E was, while sporting a nifty agent movie-like intro, a pretty slow show. There was pretty much focus on the characters relations too and things didn’t really get that interesting until the end. I thought it was going to be the same old thing but, Wham! Wrong! Chinami (and a new girl, Maori Kimizuka) in some sort of powered suits comes ninja-ing in to save a girl from being kidnapped by goonies. There was probably more action in this episode than in the whole last season. And I do hope there will be more.
Point of interest: Sonomi is apparently married and Yuma looks very nice with glasses and her hair down ❤

OP: Another nice vocal less opening, resembling the first season’s in style. Not a bad thing since I was very fond of that. It also feels nice put together visually.
ED: It’s basically a dance number performed by the girls to Feel so easy, which really is one of the better songs this season in my ears. Everyone appears younger (Sonomi and Yuma got their season 1 looks) and it’s also sort of fan service-ish (the good kind)…especially towards the end. Yesplz<3
Verdict: Code-E turned out to be pretty good if given time, this felt good right off the bat. I just hope it will continue to do so~/o/

…and now I’ll head for bed~~ /o/
(Will have to spell check and look for faults tomorrow)



  1. The summer season did feel like it came really fast.
    Though, I think there were better shows in the past spring season.
    Out of all the shows on this post, I’m not watching Strike Witches or Mission-E.
    I saw the 1st and 2nd season of Zero no Tsukaima and I really didn’t like it. But I’m still watching the 3rd season anyways. I guess I’m hoping it can redeem itself.

  2. @Llora-chan:

    I think so too, but I managed to drop a few on the way and ended up with just Special A and Code Geass R2 left :/
    (Will pick up Macross Frontier sometime though)

    I think the 1st season of ZnT was the best, sure, it wasn’t the best but I found it quite enjoyable…oh well, things are most fun when they’re new I guess : /
    …I too hope that ZnT 3 will redeem itself but I just don’t dare to believe it orz

  3. @tehshien: Yeah, the 1st season was good, it wasn’t really bad. It kept me entertained for the most part. But I do think that the 2nd season was really bad.

  4. Are all these anime titles? Great! I guess I’ve subscribed to the right blog. I often search for anime titles to decide what to buy/watch, but such information is kinda hard to find…

    Do you have any adult anime to recommend (I’m 27-years-old and both me and my wife like it)?

    Also, you could consider in allowing the full article on your rss feed.

    – Sergio

  5. Oh, another thing… Do you watch them with original audio (japanese) or subbed?

    – Sergio

  6. @Sergio

    Yes, these are some of the anime series that just has started airing this season. Subs are coming fast but I’ve grown too lazy to find a good subbing group and just download the raws.

    As for finding information, there’s thousands of anime blogs, many which do detailed episode per episode blogging if you would like a closer look at how things play out before deciding. There are a few good links in the blogroll to the right, you’ll probably find something to suit your tastes there.

    Adult anime you say? Hmm…I haven’t actually watched any “good” ones but Words Worth is probably the “best” I can think of.
    If it’s just heavy fanservice you’re looking for, Agent AIKa will probably suffice.

    And lastly, there is little I can do about the articles being cut in the RSS feed. I think the whole problem lies within WordPress. More specifically, in the usage of the “more”-tag, which is used when you want to “break” the article down so it doesn’t eat the whole front page. That tag probably also crops the article for RSS feeds. And I must use it, since I don’t want the whole post on the front page D:

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