Posted by: Ji-L87 | June 26, 2008

Finished: Tower of Druaga

I’m catching up on things now and got through the last two episodes of Tower of Druaga earlier today.

…and I’m not sure what to say. Since I did not think this would get another season, I never expected the cliffhanger in the end and I was kinda hoping most things would be explained. But as the final fight got more and more drawn out, I started to realize that they probably wouldn’t explain much at all…but I still really didn’t expect the cliffhanger 😀 Still, it’s pretty harsh to send everyone down to the bottom floor again, that’s really gotta sting.

On the whole, I liked the first half better, it had more comedy and a lighter atmosphere…also, two of the characters which I liked weren’t dead yet… >.>’
A shame really, and now that we’re in for a season 2 in 2009, I really would’ve wanted Ahmey to be in there ;_;

Aside from the 1st episode, I really liked the 5th one, I wonder why I didn’t blog it…I mean, traps, reverse traps, the introduction of the roper dance, Norio Wakamoto…truly epic stuff and I loved it.
Ah well, I guess overall lazyness is the only reason I can come up with… : /

The animation had it’s up and downs, best (of course) in the first episode but was more or less watchable and consistent throughout…the 3D animations however…felt way less smooth than they should have done.
That aside, I do kinda look forward to the sequel, it’s just too bad that Ahmey isn’t going to be around anymore, on the other hand, Utu (guy in armor), Fatina and the Melt & Coopa duo are still left to keep me interested.

And I still think that golfing is the most awesome way to cast magic spells.ever.


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