Posted by: Ji-L87 | June 23, 2008

So…I just “closed” my homepage

…Feels kinda weird. But I’m pretty sure it maybe was for the best. I mean, updating it could take quite a while and there was pretty much to do, since the latest designs has been HTML with tables.

But if I think about it, I’ve had that site for quite a while, since early 2005 I believe.
It started out quite different though, was named The Undernet at first.
I was really a Mega Man-nut back then, and I wanted to create a homepage where I could write about my fandom. The name itself came from a place in the Mega Man Battle Network-series.

I soon learned that my site name was not that original at all and I changed it to Akihara…which still was a place from the MMBN games. At any rate, I started putting my artworks there and I actually got some visitors. At first I wanted it to be more than just a personal site, so I added guest art that a few people sent in but I would very soon reach my space limit, since I was hosted on the small web page account that came with our broadband connection.

I looked everywhere for free hosting without ads but I couldn’t find a hosting site that was generous enough. It was then I received help from Mana who offered me the free hosting I was looking for, and she was also a MM-fan and a skilled artist.
With hosting fixed, I removed the guest art (didn’t work that well anyway) and revamped the layout.

Even though my Mega Man obsession would have a grip on me for quite long, I slowly started to lose interest and I started to try my hand at drawing other things than just MM-fanart (which I never was really good at anyway) but the site name “Akihara” remained until sometime 2006, lasting for 5 layout revamps, when I finally re-named it to SkyLight Window.

SkyLight Window was on it’s 3rd site revamp when I decided that it was too much of a hassle to update it and that I really didn’t need to have it when I had my DA,SA, MB-account and this wordpress blog.
So, a bit sad to see it go, Abayo, SLW!



  1. Don´t forget you have Nibelung Valesti as well!!

    But I feel sad at the same time, it´s never fun having to close down a site that you used to have.

    Altough if you feel you don´t have the time nor motivation then it´s a good thing actually.

    I got a nice suprise, 2more gig worth of space for The Fool 🙂 Yay me!!

    So that site isn´t going down anytime soon.

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