Posted by: Ji-L87 | June 23, 2008

2 down, 1 to go

In the end of may we had our exams…and also very very little time to study and run through things one more time.
So, needless to say, I (and others with me) didn’t make it through that time. I did clear one of the three parts our exam was divided into tho; grammar.

So last week, after having a bit more time to dig in our books we had our second chance to take the exam and…it seems I managed to clear (just barely though) one more obstacle.
And thanks to the very generous…err…whoever decided it anyway, there’s a third (final) chance in august before things start again.

It would seem I’m very bad with remembering all the kanji we’ve been learning, they just don’t want to stick. I did not have that much problem with the grammar and phrases-parts, it’s just the kanji that is bringing me down.
Interestingly enough, what I cleared this time was the kanji/calligraphy-part which was much easier than the kanji-part of the “general language knowledge” exam. = /

Oh well, there’s quite a while to august and hopefully I’ll be able to study in a bit more relaxed fashion, not doing some crazy dash through the books like last time…
…with some time over for checking out anime and stuff I’ve been neglecting lately…hopefully…


Oh and by the way, I’ve become a co-blogger over @ Nibelung Valesti, though content is mostly in swedish and may be nsfw. Just a heads up.



  1. To me, the problem with Kanji is that I can’t write it! I can recognize and tell you the sound{s} and meaning{s}, but when it comes to writing it…I utterly fail… ”’orz

    But I don’t have it as bad as you since I don’t have to take any exams! ^_^’ Good luck on your next one!

  2. I’ve found most kanji that I have seen to be pretty easy to write when you get the stroke-order theory down, even those that look sort of impossible at first sight. [ =

    …unless you want me to do with a brush, then there’s some epic mega fail right there. >_>

  3. I find kanji to be easier than other things. I can write most of the kanji I see (although, most of the times, I don’t really know what they mean). My main deficiency is on vocabulary, but I’m working on it…

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