Posted by: Ji-L87 | June 10, 2008

Anime/game backgrounds gallery

It’s getting kinda late here and I’m feeling pretty tired but, I just wanted to post this.

I found this site called Kusanagi Web and they have an art gallery containing background pieces from games and anime. The gallery features backgrounds from Full Metal Alchemist, Front Mission, Appleseed, Gundam 00, Routes, Final Fantasy 9 & Onegai Teacher+Twins and more.

The variation is also pretty big, there is plenty of both interiors and sceneries, not to mention that they range from fantasy to science-fiction. They’ve done a little bit of everything.
Though, while the images are pretty small (going no further than 600px in width), I still think it’s nice and inspiring to be able to see all these.

Some examples:

Totally awesome stuff. õ_õ



  1. Well barring those watermarks that’s some great stuff. Would make a great pit-stop whilst photoshopping anime/game related images.

  2. omg! thank you so much! such site exist!

    • Yeah, but it only features backgrounds they’ve worked on (:

      Something along a more general background-gallery would be very awesome

  3. […] Totally awesome stuff. õ_õ […]

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