Posted by: Ji-L87 | May 28, 2008

It’s the dog ears!

Yes, yes this is another one of those I-really-got-nothing-to-say-but-here’s-some-pictures!-type of posts but since I actually drew a little something, I can’t be all that lazy, can I?
(Hint; I think I can)

Now, to be honest, I think Special A has grown to be quite…bland…as of late, including some drops in animation quality. However, this episode was a feast for the eyes, at least if you happen to totally dig Hikari ❤
Like, let’s say, me.



Some more screens

I personally wouldn’t mind if those dog ears stayed on for another episode or so… :3
Especially since I think they make a good match with the white uniform:

Oh and to those of you who have read the manga, is it any good?



  1. I understand why Pesu got popular 🙂

    Sofar that´s been the highlight of the show. Animal ears are cute to 100%.

  2. No idea what the shows about, but I may look into it if that brown haired chick isn’t a trap.

  3. Which brown haired chick?

  4. I think he means Akira. He can´t mean Hikari so Akira is the only one left, atleast from what I see that also has brown hair.

  5. @ Manga
    Akira’s really more red/rusty than brown tho’ =O

  6. uh, the one in the screen shots, short hair. I suppose you could call that reddish… I have no idea. >.>

  7. Pesu Hikari = Love~♥

    @uthek: It isn’t a girl…it’s a guy. But definitely not a trap…

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