Posted by: Ji-L87 | May 22, 2008

II [DEUX] – FESTA MODE (+torrent)

Edit: Torrent deleted. Might re-up if anyone’s interested…

I ordered this from a while ago and it arrived today, just when I got home from my last day of finals, perfect timing! 😀

I don’t have too many prior experiences with this group, only a small single containing 2 songs (and karaoke) I found last summer or something but I liked what I heard.
So when I was browsing around amazon for possible smaller purchases I found this. Cheap AND one of the sellers shipped outside of Japan, so I ordered it.

This is some nice J-pop from 1994 (I think) and it’s 10 tracks all in all (no karaoke this time).
I’m especially fond of track nr.1 “Play Back part III” and nr.3 “Snow kiss Snow dance” but I like most of them.

I made a torrent also, go here for that but it’s always best to buy if possible *wink wink* ;p


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