Posted by: Ji-L87 | May 9, 2008

A bad case of size-faggotry

I’m finding myself having a bit trouble getting myself raws as the HD-boom seems to finally has started to show it’s FINAL FORM over at TokyoTosho.
While I do like nice quality, I neither sport the screen, the resolution or the disk space to be able to download 300+ meg raws for every show I follow but I don’t want the lowest quality raws either.

Finding them just in the right size has become a bit tricky but they usually show up if you wait for a while. Usually, anyway.

There’s not much too this post but I’m just annoyed at the recent case of FILE SIZE-FAGGOTRY~! /o/

oh and I doodled on a picture but I managed to spell things wrong and didn’t save a psd file, oh wow!

My glasses are really fuglier than those tho’

Now excuse me as I slowly turns into liquid form thanks to the recent spring-ish weather…



  1. Wow… I don’t get that on my end as much. File sizes are still well under 300 for pretty much anything fansubbed. Thank Zodd.

  2. Yo, the bigger the better quality :p

    But then again, I´m having 3 500gig HDDs so I don´t run out of space easily :p

    Now there are a lot of different sized versions, for you who can look at the files RAW it shouldn´t be any problem to find them at the lower resolution and a smaller size?

    I enjoy watching my anime in 1280×720 resolution 🙂

  3. @ Manga
    I too enjoy watching my animu in 1280×720 but anything higher than that will be shrunken down when viewed in full screen ^^’

    And yes, there are alot of differently sized versions but I often find the smaller ones to be too small and the bigger ones too big :p

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