Posted by: Ji-L87 | May 3, 2008

Random loot (+ lazy oekaki)

Random loot recently obtained; Samurai Champloo’s IMPRESSION and Negipa (Negima party book) vol. 13. Let’s take a closer look:


I was at a con sunday last week (Ichiban – Japan Expo 2008), mostly due to some of my classmates being involved in either arranging the con itself or part of activities that were held, and tried to pick something cool from the dealers. I didn’t bring much money with me so I didn’t really want to pick one of those multi-cd soundtracks, so I settled with something simple. Now, I haven’t watched Samurai Champloo (I get the feeling that I maybe should) but I love to buy things that seems nice and hope for the best for some weird reason.

Anyway, on to the cd itself~! /o/

There’s 23 tracks, all (with a few exceptions) sharing the same kind of style…um…I’m horrible bad with genres….what do you call this again? Drum and bass?
There’s two vocal tracks in there too, one being some kind of rap-thingy. I’m not much for that genre but It’s alright I guess. Even though most tracks felt more or less the same at first, they are pretty variated and some of them quite relaxing. It’s like one of those CD’s you put on when you’re doing something else. Like most other soundtracks, there’s both good and bad tracks, and of course those somewhere in between. Thankfully, the amount of good or in-between tracks outnumber the bad ones.

To sum things up, it’s a cd containing a kind of music I usually enjoy when blended with other genres and it can get a little too one-sided at times however, it does offer enough variety and some quite nice laid-back tracks to still be enjoyable, maybe especially if you happen to enjoy the genre.

Negipa 13

(Featuring Mana, Kung-Fei & Zazie)

I think I actually downloaded a bunch of these a while back, not sure where I put them tho’
Anyway, yet another unplanned buy-in, gawd I love to make those ❤

While strolling around in Stockholm (lulz, I can’t find my way very well around there, even though I just live 20 minutes away by train OTL) with a friend (the same one that helped me with delicious loot in the past) we came across this Japanese store, Sun Ai. I’ve been there once before, bought a pen for calligraphy (but my writing cannot be unseen :< ) and randomly picked up 妹は思春期 (Imouto ha shishunki = My sister has reached puberty), the most perverted non H 4-koma I’ve ever read o_o;; Oh and it’s actually quite fun by the way…
Anyways, I knew Sun Ai used to have normal Negima books but I didn’t expect to see two volumes of Negipa on the shelf, which is the reason I got it; just to have one….

It’s about 49-50 pages but it’s manga-sized so it still comes of as kinda small and thin. Aside from the sticker which is the same image as the cover, there’s a double sided fold-out, one side featuring the cover-art from Negima 18 (Del-rey’s translation comes in June OTL ) and the other side is this one.

Then there’s a few more color illustrations, one being the cover from book 10. Actually, this little book’s full of color but most things are colored images & frames from the manga. Aside from images there’s the expected character information and one of Mana’s pages feeds us a bit info about the guns she has been using so far (the FN P90 and dual Desert Eagles for example) while we get to see 3 of the chinese martial art-moves that Kei-Fu has teached Negi. There’s also interviews with Ken Akamatsu himself as well as the seiyuus for Mana, Ku-Fei & Zazie (the girls on the cover, every Negipa features a group of characters).

There’s more, including a “Negi x Negi Kitchen”-corner that teaches you how to make ”chili-cury shrimps” as well as the C-vitamin loaded “peppar-mango”-drink which I suppose is one of those weird beverages that Yue always gets her hands on. And there’s more….but I’m not sure what everything is…o_o;

It’s clearly a loaded little book, loaded to the point where it becomes a little confusing actually.
However, even though it’s got lots of stuff, it doesn’t mean everything is relevant to ones interests (and even less if you can’t read everything hurr hurr hurr OTL) not to mention it was kinda overpriced over at Sun Ai, going for about the double of it’s original price…which maybe is a bit too much for what you’re getting (at least when thinking in Swedish economics, 500 yen = roughly 30 sek…which is about about 5 usd). However, as I happen like many of the characters in Negima!, as well as Ken Akamatsu’s artwork, not to mention I’ve never been much of a fan reading book-like texts on a computer, don’t be too surprised if I buy one more some other time. Of course, it all depends on which characters that are featured.

Last but not least, here’s an oekaki of Kamina I did last night. (ignore his right hand, plz ok? T_T)

I haven’t been able to draw something decent recently but this was a good way to spend time and at least feel sort of creative. 😀

…Guess who needs to go & cook potatoes now~~? /o/



  1. Nice haul 🙂 Even though it was small it was a nice haul.

    And for Samurai Champloo, if you like seeing samurais rapping then why not. To me it got instant fail when a samurai starts rapping…

    But I do think this was made from the same guy that did Cowboy Bebop(I´m not sure on this though).

    So it does have some quality, just that I can´t find them.

  2. Samurai Champloo is good in it’s own right. Art styles pretty far out, ie in orbit, at least compared to… anything that isn’t Shinchan…
    The fights are pretty nicely done in my opinion anyway, and I’ll admit to only seeing the last half of the series plus the first three or so episodes…

  3. forts I assumed sour, become tree

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