Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 19, 2008

Spring 08 – ROUND 2

Alright, the 2nd episode is out for all the anime I’ve decided to give a try and it’s sail or fail this time, since the 2nd episode is usually where the people that couldn’t make up their minds the first time decides whether to follow or drop a show. Well, let’s have a look then, shall we?
(sort of nsfw)

To Love-Ru

First off, I take back what I said about “Forever we can make it” last time. It seems I didn’t give it enough time when I was writing and it seems I’ve come to like both the song and the OP sequence itself quite a bit. 🙂

Sadly, the rest of the show doesn’t still really sport the kind of quality that lies in the intro.
While it still is watchable it feels like it makes use of quite the number of old clichés without really performing them in any special way to add that little extra needed for this show to get a (more or less) safe place in my watchlist.

Also, imouto is still the best female character in my eyes….which still is worrying….

Verdict: Placed on watch for now, I need to see more of the girls from the OP! /o/


I stayed for another episode to see if we got more interesting characters and we’ve got one now….but…sadly, even though I happen to totally “lurve” foxgirls/catgirls/wolfgirls and the like, this doesn’t cut it. The shota raep has escalated since last episode, which was episode 1 (!) and this new girl just get thrown into the mix without any delicacy at all and joins the raepage……
I was kinda looking forward to the new girl, Nozomu, but it only took a few minutes to have me groaning over how overdone her whole personality was and how it was represented.
…..This series would make a perfectly good H-anime but it doesn’t work as a show where you actually tries to follow the story and not just skip to the good parts.
……………….no, I don’t get it why I don’t like it either but…I just can’t bring myself to like it…
Have I gotten old?! Is my summer of youth over?! D:

Verdict: Nothing can save it now, not even the bath scene.

Code Geass R2

Oh man, this episode made me really happy and giddy. Like the first episode, it has a few elements and scenes that sort of mimics what happened in the beginning of the first season and, I really liked the start of Code Geass best, before things crashed and burned and the plot took all those weird turns that more or less turned it into a lol-fest. However, now that we know the shows “true” personality, it feels like I will be able to enjoy this more.
And I really did like this episode; It had Kallen (still in a bunny suit), mecha battles, WTF-moments, story bits from what actually happened after season 1, Zero, Zero-fandom and the normal Code Geass/Sunrise-like cliff-hanger ending.

However, I am sad that Table-humper (read: Nina) has made her return before Cecile and Lloyd. It’s things like “Cecile in a pilot-suit” that makes me come back for more~! /o/ Oh well, uniform is fine too but at any rate, hurry up and come back~~! OTL

Verdict: Already placed firmly on the list since last time 🙂

Tower of Druaga

The plot thickens, or rather; things happens. Last time’s RPG parodies has not really returned but it still has proved to be more interesting and humorous than I thought it would be, since I expected kinda 180-degree turn to the serious. I’m glad that doesn’t seem to have been the case. However, I still don’t know what this show is trying to be, but I’m starting to think that the intro’s sole purpose is to confuse me….oh well, I still like it ❤

Also, the special “backside-verison” of episode 1 was pretty amusing too, especially the “golfing magic user” XD Haha!

Verdict: Same as last time, a little more safe now though. If it just keeps this up, it might turn out pretty good 🙂

Toshokan Sensou

Kasahara gets promoted to the “Library Task Force” and we also get to see some action, in more ways than one maybe.
Like last time the pacing is quite slow and the first part is the drama/romantic comedy part while the other one stands for the action. Last time did not include fire fights (not including flashbacks and story telling), this one does. It’s not a very long scene but enjoyable in it’s own right. I’m curious about just how large part of this show that will be action and how much drama there’s going to be. Right now, my guess is that action will stand for maybe one third while drama and parts of romantic comedy will continue to dominate.

Verdict: My opinion from last time stands, however, I’m no real sucker for drama so if the drama-parts gets too big in proportion to the rest, this show might be in danger of me losing some interest.

S.A (Special A)

Still liking it and I think I’m getting used to the spaghetti-limbs 🙂
However, this episode is plagued by some very weird (in my eyes) thinking in the later parts.
It builds up kinda nice with Hikari and Kei going to duel some guys the student council put them up against but it’s Kei’s actions during the match that kinda ruins it. He should know she can defend herself (after all, they were well on the way of destroying the gym hall while practicing) but instead he puts her outside the ring and acts like some kind of wall while getting hit. He really need to believe in Hikari a little more….

(Still thinks their uniform’s are awesomely awesome :3)

OP: Turns out the insert song during the fight-scene back in episode one was the op song and I must say it’s much better as something to play in the background than in an actual OP sequence. It’s so….generic? Nothing much to say about the sequence itself, it’s pretty standard. Not bad but nothing special either.

Verdict: Yes! After all, I like the characters and the genre ❤ MOAR!

….hm….having written this, it feels like I’m describing my feelings for people who already have seen the episodes rather than those who are lurking them internets to find what’s yey or ney for this season…
Oh well….~ /o/



  1. That´s all you can do, write down your own feelings.

    To Love Ru was a big suprise, more laughter and less fanservice. Kanokon turned to softcore instead of being ecchi. Special A showed me the stuff I needed to know why they are competing :p

    So all in all, this is a kinda good season.


  3. Surely you jest

  4. I do love Kanokon !!!!! in fact i like echie comedy. 😀 It relaxes me a lot 😛 I really suggest everyone to watch it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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