Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 12, 2008

Spring 08 (part 2)

It seems it was more to this season than what first met the eye. I can’t say I was anticipating this season very much at all but it seems it can turn out to be perfectly enjoyable. ( :

S.A (Special A)

Hikaru Hanazono, member of the Hakusenkan school’s special class (that comes bundled with an awesomely white uniform) and ever since she was beaten by Kei Takashima, son of her wrestling loving dad’s friend, her goal has been to best him in something. This has yet to happen but she continues to struggle without giving up~!

While boosting a pretty non-anatomical correct drawing style (spaghetti-arms, lulz) I found this first episode to be highly enjoyable (I also find Hikaru to be highly enjoyable *brick’d). They even throw in an insert song, whoo! /o/ (or wait, maybe that’s the OP song…)

OP: No OP yet.
ED: Nothing special but not bad. The song itself “Hidamari no Gate” is pretty good, I guess.
Verdict: I love this genre and I like this, moar! 😀


The “fox-raeps-shota-show”.
Why? Because the male lead is a total shota paedo-bait who is very uninteresting but still receives attention from Chizuru Minamoto, a girl who really happens to be a fox deity. I have no idea what she sees in him but I DO admit I am a bit jealous.

While being pretty outrageous for a first episode it didn’t really catch me on neither character design or any scene that does not involve hawt fox-girl. And I’m not sure I can stand the drawing style for much longer either…but that is something very subjective, of course.

OP: Uhm…generic? The animation itself is pretty good tho’…
ED: Really like this. While I’m not a very big fan of those slide show endings, I really like the song, Koi no Honoo.
Verdict: Err…I’ll give it one more, just too see if we get moar characters…I don’t think it has too many redeeming qualities though.

Toshokan Sensou

Project IG gives us a show where libraries equals serious business.
In a world where the military has started to exercise censorship of books and magazines, a defense force sort of organization has risen to protect them. Iku Kasahara, who in her younger years was on her way to buy a book when suddenly government troops entered the building and started to confiscate lots of them, was saved by a man from the defense force, and inspired by him she too has become a recruit.

It’s a visually pleasing show and it will be very interesting to see how things turn out.

OP: “Atashi no Machi, Ashita no Machi” is a quite good song but OP itself was not very interesting but this might change if they exchange the clips from the episode with original content later on.
ED: Features Iku running as the song “Changes” is played along with some clips. The song is pretty good but it’s not that interesting to look at except for the end which is quite nice.
Verdict: I like the style and it definitively seems interesting so this is on my list for now. 🙂

Tower of Druaga

This first episode doesn’t really express what this show is about but it was good fun and it made use of a lot of RPG clichés. It also sports tentacles, a “Gundam-pose” and some very Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-like animation at the end! /o/
However, I’m not sure what we saw in this first episode will be what we’ll get. I’m not even sure if this where this show really is situated, mostly thanks to the intro making it look like it’s more like some sort of MMORPG-thing than an actual fantasy story but we see no IRL-things in the episode so…I’m not really sure. It was entertaining tho and sometimes very good looking and I look forward to seeing where this’ll be taking us…for now…(fantasy or history is not really my favorite genre)

OP: It’s like a romantic comedy that crashed headlong into a train full of fantasy. It…, actually and I quite like the song, “SWINGING” by Muramasa*.
ED: Allright song, Touchousha tachi, played to a few different scenes. Nothing extraordinary perhaps but it works.
Verdict: Enjoyably but I still think it yet has to show it’s true form. Placed on the list for now 🙂

Hm…I’m not sure I’m going to pick up more shows (probably Macross or Kamen no Maid Guy in that case) but I will do a follow up when I’ve seen the 2nd episode of what I’ve mentioned so far, anyway.



  1. Kanokon is a must watch, foxgirls rules!!

    Druaga, well the tentacles was fun to watch, and the animation was nice, but why oh why did they have to make a parody of the RPG clichés? I´ve seen them so much I never want to see them again…

    And yet I continue to buy a series that basically live of them… oh man.

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