Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 8, 2008

Spring 08 (part 1?)

As usual, I don’t really feel I have a grip on the coming shows and I am, like, totally late with writing this.
(I’ve only checked out these three shows as of now D: )

To Love-Ru

A play of words from “trouble” (toraburu -> to rabu-ru) and it’s originally a manga that goes in Shounen Jump and is illustrated by the guy who drew Black Cat.
It’s basically your typical fanservice show with very little to make it stand out from the rest of it’s category as it is right now. In my eyes, best character at the moment is the imouto. This worries me but I hope better characters are introduced soon.

OP: I’m not sure what I think about the song “Forever we can make it”, but the way they did place the names from the staff was pretty nicely done.
ED: Uninteresting song (Lucky Tune) with the camera panning over some fanservice shots.
Verdict: I will give it at least one more chance as we’ve yet to see most of the characters.

Itazura na Kiss

Aihara Kotoko, a girl who got rejected (hard) when trying to confess her love to Irie Naoki (because he is a jerk), whom she has been in love with since she saw him the first time.
To make matters worse, their newly bought house collapses and now they need to move somewhere else. An old friend of her dad offers them to live with them for a while and all seems to go well until she notices the family they’re going to with is none other than Naoki-family, complete with cocky-boy (Irie) himself.

Err…I dunno, I didn’t really like it very much. It’s a romantical drama/comedy sort of show but it didn’t grab my interest well enough for me. I guess I didn’t really like the drawing style that much either… = /

OP: The song, “Kimi, meguru, boku” is alright I guess and so is the OP sequence itself, I guess
ED: No. Didn’t like it D :
Verdict: I’m not sure what it is but I didn’t really like it and I’m not planning on watching more.

Code Geass: R2

I must admit, I didn’t catch everything that was said and the episode itself left me quite confused…
Instead of starting off where it ended, we jump almost a year after the events from the 1st season and get to see Lulu being chased around campus by Villetta (yay!) who is now their P.E. teacher…wait, what? Too add to the confusion, Lulu does not seem to remember anything about being Zero and does now a have little brother named Rollo…WAIT, WHAT? …what happened to Nunnally anyway?

Most of the Black Knights are now captured or dead, except for those who managed to escape, including C.C and Kallen. Despite this, this episode plays out pretty similar to the first episode of the first season.

OP: O2 by Orange Range is okay but not much more in my book. The first season made a much better first impression with COLORS by FLOW. It’s all good animation wise tho’.
ED: Pretty good song, Shiawase Neiro, also by Orange Range set to pictures by CLAMP. Quite interesting to see the characters done in “real” CLAMP-style for once.
Verdict: Mecha, Cecile, Villetta and Kallen (in a bunnysuit), of course I’m watching! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now I guess, gotta go study…
(Wow, the wordpress team really seems to have been busy making changes everywhere o_O)



  1. *Sigh* I was hoping Code Geass R2 would answer some questions, like what happened in the cave, but it just ended up giving us more questions! But it was still a great action filled first episode!! ^_^

    Itazura na Kiss has that old school type of art that I actually liked, plus, it has Mizuki Nana as Kotoko!!

    To Love-Ru, well, we all need an ecchi comedy anime every season right?

  2. @53RG10

    Yeah, even though Code Geass confused me, I was drawn in by it’s magic once more…I wonder what’ll go wrong this time 😀

    About Itazura na Kiss, from the pictures (very few) that I’d seen, I thought I’d like the style but after a while it became clear to me that there was something in there I didn’t like, sadly I could never pin-point that something = /

    Oh and, I love my ecchi comedy animu but they need either to hit the spot when it comes to humor or have awesome characters. I didn’t really feel that To Love-Ru had what it takes (not yet anyway).

  3. Kanokon is the answer to your prayers 🙂 fanservice, cute foxgirl that will do anything for the male hero and the fanservice isn´t shoot out from everywhere…

  4. @tehshien: Granted, it’s the first episode of To Love-Ru, so it may or may not live to your expectations. But I have faith in it! ^_^

    @manga: One thing I didn’t like about Kanokon was that the male lead is too passive, one of the types I dislike the most. It’s awesome when a big breasted fox girl would do ANYTHING for the male lead, but if the character is too innocent, it just doesn’t feel right. I almost want to say it’s shouta r**e. -_-

    To Love-Ru on the other hand, has a guy who is shy to look at a naked girl, but he isnt’ TOO shy, he will still peek through his fingers to catch a glimpse. ^_^ Besides, he at least takes the initiative to confess to a girl…even if he confesses to the wrong one!

  5. Yes, I agree with you 53RG10, that small of a male lead is disturbing. But on the other hand, Chizuru makes up for that since I don´t really care about the guy most of the times :p

    To Love Ru is just plainless fanservice for me and while it´s pleasing for the eyes it gets boring after a short while. But I don´t know, I´ll give To Love Ru a couple of more chances, otherwise I´ll do with it like I did with Rosario no Pantsu, speedviewing…

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