Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 4, 2008

Once again, delicious loot

Forcing a friend to bring with buy/bring with him stuff for me again~! /o/ Ah friendship, am I doing it wrong?


While not as “spectacular” as the last time, depends on how you look at it, I’ve once again gained some delicious loot and as I’m horribly behind on every show I decided to follow, I’m gonna make a post of this instead.

I could’ve gotten myself another Megami/similar but I decided against it for some reason I can’t remember. Oh well, no matter, as I still got my hands on something that I’ve been wanting badly for quite a while;


Rockman DASH 2(Mega Man Legends 2) for PC! Yes, yes, I know I probably just could’ve bought a cheap ps one/emulated the game but I really wanted it for the pc. Ever since I got my hands on the 1st game and completed it, I wanted more. I found out though that the game didn’t exist in english for the pc nor was it easy getting my hands on the japanese version thanks to the fact that Capcom lists it but doesn’t have it up for sale and doesn’t want to ship used items overseas. Bah! Humbug!
(I used to be a big MM-fan and well, still is, in a sense I guess)


Next up, a few Love Hina & Negima books. Nothing special here, except that I look forward to take me through these in their original language since there are always things that get lost in translation; as I haven’t seen (read: avoided) the Love Hina anime, I wasn’t really prepared for Kitsune’s Osaka-ben, for example.


Last but not least, something which I found in a store in Stockholm called Tokyo Stop; Dirty Pair Flash: Yuri & Kei – Tenshi no Kyuusoku which is kinda like a drama cd, except with songs performed by the two in between. It’s basically about Yuri & Kei who goes to a karaoke bar. There, Kei steals the microphone and Yuri tries to seduce the bartender and then things get worse. Oh well, the songs are okay I guess, but the first OP for the OVA-series, Kagirinai ANSWER (sung by MANA) also comes along so that’s nice. I really do want to get my hands on the complete vocal collection though, but that store might have more “forgotten gems” so I really ought to go there and check again sometime 🙂

Now, to study first or watch animu later or the other way around or…WAIT, what was my homework again o_o;….



  1. Kitsune is osaka dialect yes 🙂 I´m satisfied with having read the manga in english. That´s all I want to read from Love Hina since sure, lots of fanservice as you´ve probably figured out by now….

    And avoid the anime to all costs, sure the Love Hina Again OAV with Naru “helping” Motoko get a slight orgasm in broad daylight and on a busy street is ok to watch I guess, but otherwise yuck for Love Hina in anime… for my reflections on Love Hina in manga and animeform…

    and by the way, have you started watching to love ru yet? Just curious 🙂

  2. I actually download the raw earlier today so it’s lying here at this very moment. I plan to watch it later today ( :

  3. PLEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockman Dash 2 download PLEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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