Posted by: Ji-L87 | April 4, 2008

Gundam 25 – Thoughts


Contains spoilers from the last episodes of G00
Wow, it almost feels like Sunrise pulled us a quick one. Again. The last couple of episodes and sudden character deaths really has been feeling kind of…pointless. No, rushed. They really could’ve used at least one more episode to flesh things out, not to mention that Grahams “final fight” before “dying” and becoming the Gundam-trademark masked-man felt disappointing. Not only that, but I think I liked the original Custom Flag better before someone had the bright idea of attaching the GN-Drive to it’s frikkin shoulder.
…alright, maybe it was so it could power the beam sword that he snatched earlier but it doesn’t look very good. On the other hand, maybe it’s different enough for Bandai to sell more models…. =_=

vlcsnap-846316.jpg vlcsnap-815382.jpg

I must say though, the character deaths in this show was pretty…random? Sadly, an unusual amount of characters in the “awesome” or “bridge bunny”-class (wait, does Lichty go in the latter one?) seems to have kicked the bucket.
I thought that Kinue, the only above average cool member in the crossroad (Saji’s) -family, was one of the best characters in the show (was it the hair? I know I loved that hair) and I feel that her death was horribly rushed, only used as a plot-device to steer Saji to something, exactly like Louise. And speaking of Louise…


SHE CUT HER HAIR!!? …*cough* I mean, WHAT IS SHE DOING THERE?! …and why does Tiera look like Lockon and Setsuna’s love child? But, as you all might agree with, the most shocking of it all must be that it seems as he gave up his pink shirt…(!!)

…or maybe he just left it on board the Ptolemaios…

vlcsnap-815614.jpg vlcsnap-815674.jpg

…and what’s up with those funky space suits? Wang’s even has a pair of twin-tails attached…


And finally:


Who thought I’d write another G00 post? Seeing that I haven’t mentioned it since….ep 2? There’s a 23 episode gap here…



  1. After watching the ep all I can say is sunrise does it agin… if you´ve watched Code Geass you know what I mean…

    That the ending is rushed it true, but hey, they still got 25 eps to go!! Hopefully they´ll spend some time to think everything trough that time… instead of making this shit.

    Oh well, I´m still a mecha fanboy and Gundam 00 had it´s good moments so I guess I´ll keep watching.

  2. You’re definitively right, an “again” needs to be added in the beginning of this post. *Fix’d*

    Code Geass sure was a good example of this, and speaking of which, the CG R2 raw is out! /o/

  3. I know. TO bad I´m not that fluent in Japanese when it comes to this kind of show. To Love Ru isn´t that hard to understand what they are saying, but for a show like Code Geass? Not a chance…

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