Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 22, 2008

Golden times with Golden Boy

…and I’m sure someone must’ve used such an obvious title before me. Ah well, no matter!


As usual, I’m really bad at taking care of the episodes of more recent anime that has been lying around for a good while and digged up something from the past.Again.
Hrm…for some reason, series from the 90’s (or late 80’s) easily seem to get my attention.
The music, design & visuals, it’s all appealing to me somehow…and that’s why I’ve been thinking for quite awhile that I should check this show out.

And I truly enjoyed it. Now, “I truly enjoyed it” doesn’t really sum up everything I want to say so I’ll need to make this a little longer. 🙂
As I’ve already stated, I’m a big fan of some of the drawing styles from the 90’s and this show really hits the sweet spot. The first episode also had some nice animation in my eyes, and the animation quality is decent and above throughout. Some of the backgrounds are also really nice.

The main character is Kintarou Oe, a youngster of 25 years who completed his university courses but quit before he graduated, and during the 6 episodes in this OVA, he goes from place to place with his trusty bike and does whatever job he can find. (He also has an invulnerability rivaling the one of Keitaro from Love Hina.)
All episodes except for the last one works like stand alones, with the story ending within each episode. What all the episodes has in common is girls. In each episode, our perverted genius makes contact with a girl, often making a poor first impression but leaves them wanting him badly before the episode ends. His perverted mind (and the girls themselves) often offer fanservice, sometimes pretty daring. Girls, hmmm….maybe “babes” is a more fitting description. While I don’t remember if we got to know the age of the girls presented, none of them comes out as being “loli”. It might be the drawing style but they do look pretty mature. And hot. Don’t forget the hotness! o_o

vlcsnap-307618.jpg vlcsnap-306975.jpg vlcsnap-307103.jpg

Sound-wise, it’s also solid. Voices are good and even though I seem to yet again not remember much of the soundtrack, I quite liked the “opening song” that’s played as Kintarou gets ready to leave his garage with his bike.
This scene is also the closest thing this show has to an opening sequence.

To sum things up: While the portrayal of the girls might come off as maybe a bit one-sided, but if girls are your thing, you will most likely find yourself having this face (*´Д`)ハァハァ while breathing heavily.
I found myself face palming now and then to our protagonists strange attraction to toilet seats but I also found myself smiling at some of the quirky moments.
Sometimes I didn’t know what to feel about this show since it’s often pending between silly and downright hot.
When it comes down to it, I recommend it and it was most certainly relevant to my interests, but it is really not for everyone.

Some more screencaps

vlcsnap-308717.jpg vlcsnap-309337.jpg vlcsnap-309416.jpg vlcsnap-310536.jpg vlcsnap-310628.jpg vlcsnap-311555.jpg vlcsnap-314590.jpg vlcsnap-315456.jpg vlcsnap-316419.jpg




  1. And you can change what you think of it if you watch it with a couple of years difference :p

    When I was young I disliked it, just because I really didn´t like what Kintauro did with the toilet seats and that the girls were wearing well as in the first ep which I watched almost nothing.

    Then after a couple of years I watched all eps, and well something had changed since I enjoyed the comedy much more than I did the first time I watched it.

    Just to bad it´s only 6eps long, but at the same time, charming one girl in every ep, take that to 13 or 26 eps and well, would be hard to find that many different types of girls :p

    and as a short note, has opened 🙂 a blog I´m writing in swedish. Those 3gig of space for images opened my eyes. And it´s fun to write in swedish as well.

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