Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 14, 2008

In my hands, a little white box of joy


If you had asked me a year ago, if I ever thought I’d end up owning a Nintendo (or any other new) console, I’d answer “No, probably not”. So, why?
Let’s rewind about half a year from now; A few people in my class owns a DS Lite, that is not very surprising, but after a while, people started to use these to look up kanji during the lessons (well, to a varied grade of success but still) and for me, who still doesn’t own a real lexicon (I’ve used + Rikaichan with as a write field until now) the thought of having one of these little things started to become more and more interesting. Alright, fast forward to two months ago, I started to look for used ones on auction sites and such and after much searching and lost auctions, I now own a DS Lite with an R4 card + 1gig flash memory.

Now, I paid less than I should’ve had if I bought everything new but I still think that I poured a lot of money into it, so noticing a few dead pixels was maybe not the happiest thing, one is almost in the middle, it’s kinda small and can be ignored (also has the same grey color as the judge’s beard in Phoenix Wright. Camouflage! 😀 ).
So, if I just buyed a DS Lite without the R4, I’d probably be a little bummed out now HOWEVER, the R4 works magic. It doesn’t heal pixels but it sure adds to the entertainment value.

Thanks to the R4 (and Moonshell), I can now play SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive, SNES & NES games (tho the emulators are still a little wonky ^^’ ), watch anime, listen to music or browse pictures. Kay, the last function doesn’t really work that well since the resolution on a DS screen is pretty low….but you CAN, that’s the important thing. 🙂

List of programs/skins after the flood

pict0107.jpg pict0112.jpg pict0088.jpg pict0090.jpg pict0092.jpg pict0095.jpg pict0104.jpg pict0105.jpg

List of things I use:

R4 skin: R4 Skin Original (which is not the original skin and only pink is available 😕 )
Moonshell skin: A frankenstein of Moonshell OSX and Vista Silverlight 😀
Genesis/Megadrive emulator: JEnesisDS (Nice interface!)
SNES emulator: SNEmulDS (Powerful interface, promising)
Drawing program: Colors! (Haven’t really tried it out yet though)
Movie encode: Moonshell Win Tools (Not the same program which left green/purple lines at the top of the movies, that was SUPER, which also broke my CCCP, so I had to reinstall)

For skins for the R4 & Moonshell, NDS Themes seems like a pretty good place.
…at this rate, I’ll need a bigger memory card ^^’

Oh, and on a side note: I picked up Shugo Chara! and Kimikiss again, only seen one episode each tho but hopefully I’ll stick around a while longer.

…Rawr! Hard to study now, I want to play more Phoenix Wright! ;_;



  1. Hm, I´m against violating the hardware like that if I don´t have a good reason for it. Playing emulators or watching movies on a DS isn´t really what I would like to do on it but oh well. Your DS, your choice :p

    But anyway congrats to getting one. Now all you need is starting to get games for it as well.

  2. Hm…how is running emulators violating the hardware? Shouldn’t overclocking (that some have done) be a more serious crime in this matter? 😛
    And as for emulators and movies, legal issues aside etc, it increases the entertainment value, thus making me feel more satisfied with the money I laid out for it…

    But yeah, I need to get more games, more good games….maybe even some GBA games.

  3. Golden Sun if you like RPG with dungeons that give you headaches :p

    Final Fantasy Tactics DS if you want a light strategy game.

    I think it was called Rondo of Swords that seemed interesting.

    I don´t overclock, don´t know how or why I should do it either. You buy something for the way it is, not what you can do with it. But that´s just me. I did chip my PS2 consoles so I could import games, sofar I´m good. But otherwise nope.

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